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Does He Love Me? 7 Signs Of a Serious Relationship


7 signs HE is having a serious relationship with you.

Have you been hanging around with a man you are not sure of having a serious relationship with? You don’t know if he is wasting your precious time or not? What are the signs to watch out for? 

There are a lot of signs that can tell you that he is serious with you but it can only take patient and understanding to notice it.

Therefore, you need to read this because this article will be giving you about seven signs that he is having a serious relationship with you and not wasting your precious time.

1 He makes all-around effort: He make effort to see you, he makes effort to communicate with you, he makes effort to spend time with you, etc. This says everything about a serious relationship.

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2 He considers your feelings: He thinks about how you’ll feel about certain things. How do you feel when he doesn’t communicate with you in days? 

How do you feel if you are not doing the right things a making a serious relationship? If he considers your feelings, he’ll let you know if he’ll be out with friends, he’ll let you know if he won’t call you and reason. 

Him doing these little things (as it may seem), means he is caring and considerate about you. Therefore, you can be happy that you are having a serious relationship with him.

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3 He makes plans with you: Once you are with him and he is talking about making genuine plans with you may be now or in the future, you are in for a serious relationship. 

4 He takes you to his relatives/family: He takes you to his friends and family means things are on the right path for a serious relationship. Consider this; if you are hanging out with someone who isn’t bothered about you meeting his friend and family, what do think he has in mind?

 Maybe a short-term relationship that can ultimately be termed as an unserious relationship. Him introducing you to his friends and family means he is in for a long run; means he is proud of you; means he is happy with you.

5 He accepts human beings as imperfect: As humans, we are imperfect and we prone to making mistakes. If your man accepts that, what more do you need to worry about? You make mistakes, he doesn’t flare up but rather he comforts you. 

When arguments/misunderstanding strikes, he does well to get things back to normal; He realizes his mistakes and apologizes when he needs to, he cares about your relationship and wants a serious relationship that will last long.

6 He listens to you: As a matter of fact, not all men are good listeners. Not all men are ready to listen to what a woman will say. If you have a completely different man, count yourself lucky because you are in a serious relationship. 

serious relationship

If he listens to what you have to say and makes references to them later, it means he values what you say and makes you feel important; you have a serious relationship at hand. 

7 He is committed and humble: Your man is committed to you, cares about your feelings and everything about you, be happy you have him coupled with humility of the highest order, is there any other way to describe a serious relationship?

Humility is the act of being humble. Humble is simply being modest, simple, plain, etc. 

What do you think, drop your comments?

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