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Youngman2: Sir, your son was caught raping a girl inside the

thickest part of the bush. After which, the lady stabbed him.

Idara: Since when did raping become a crime?

Itoro: Who did this?

Youngman2: Rita. She has been taken to the hospital.

Itoro: (to Uforo)

This is all your fault. haven’t your aunt and I warned you several

times to stay away from that Rita. Come here.

(Paul holds her back)

Paul: Am sorry but she is not coming. Why are you so wicked,

your son just committed a terrible crime

and all you could do right now is to cast the blame on Uforo. You

are heartless.

Itoro: (his eyes redden as he looks directly at Paul) You bastard,

how dare you interfere in my family’s


Idara: (to her husband) No, don’t talk to him that way. He is

part and parcel of this family unlike Uforo

who isn’t part of us.

(to Paul) my son please, mkponnam is your brother, Do not

choose a woman over your own blood.

Paul: You are extremely right, you may be my mother and him

my late brother like you just said but

you will never control my life. You don’t have any right over me.

(to Uforo) go in pack your things and follow me.

Itoro: Uforo, don’t even venture going into my house. Imbecile.

Uforo: Paul, let’s just go. (to Itoro and Idara) I am very sorry for

your loss.

Voice1 (laughs with) Hahahahahaha. It has just begun.

Itoro: (to his wife) Did you hear that thunderous voice?

Idara: No.

Voice2: Hahahahahaha.. Itoro! Itoro! Itoro!

It has just begun. I used to love you. Itoro ayeneka mmi (Itoro

my brother) what did I do to you?

Hahahahahaha I still can’t figure out what I did wrong to deserve

what you have done; you have taken

my houses, my lands and the worst of them, you keep

maltreating my daughter, you make her cry day

and night.

She goes out to sell even in the night when my houses are there.

Itoro you have bitten more than you

can chew. Hahahahahaha

Itoro: (runs in side with fear and trembling) Who is there?

Uforo: Uncle are you okay?

Itoro: (slaps her) You this witch, get out of my house, I hate

you, get out!

(Uforo packs her things and follows Paul)

Idara: Ette, are you mad, why did you run inside all of a sudden

as if something was chasing you with a

cutlass. Are you okay at all. Come let’s go and bury your son


Villager2: (rushes in screaming) Idara! Itoro! Ette o!

Your son, your son’s

Idara: Yes yes how about him. As he woken up?

Villager2: His body is gone. His body has disappeared into thin


Itoro: What? (goes out)

Idara: (cries out loud) What have I done? What have I done?


Light fade



EXP: outside Paul’s workshop where he sells cooking utensils. He

is seen talking with Rita who sells fry

yam opposite his shop eating ibibio portage that was prepared by


Paul:  Hmm, I have written jamb up to 6 times but it was of no

use. I even went as far as paying

hundred thousand naira for admission, my dear sister, for where,

they ate my money and told me to get lost.

Rita: (laughs at him). My dear, keep trying.

Paul: Keep trying what? I am done with that..

Rita: Hahahahahaha. Paul you are so crazy, I actually missed

you people.

Paul: So, you mean your husband sent you away simply

because you are pregnant.

Rita: Yes o!

He told me to leave his house, I went home, my parents drove

me away too.. Paul thank you very much

for giving me a room in your house to stay.

Paul: you too thanks for staying and for always cooking for Uforo

and I.

But I am still not happy with what your father and your husband


for God sake, you got raped, You didn’t planned for it (he

hisses) that’s by the way, so, tell me how did

you kill mkponnam?

Rita: I didn’t kill him.

After rapping me, I was flagged and weakened. I couldn’t move

my body. suddenly I heard him shouting

‘leave me alone’. After which, I became oblivious of what was

happening. I didn’t kill him.

Paul: It is strange. (Itoro rushes in jubilating)

Uforo: Guess what Guess what.

Paul: You have gained admission into unilag.

Uforo: Yes! Yes! Yes! (cuddles the two of them) yes and I am

so happy. (to Rita) I want you to come lets go

home for a small party. Please please.

Paul: For una weak mind o.. Na only me una wan kill. I am

closing the shops right now.

Rita&Uforo: Why shan’t you..  (they exit)

At Paul’s dining table, Rita, Paul, Itoro (girl),MERCY 23,and Uforo

are seen eating afang soup and cassava together.

Mercy: Uforo you are very lucky. Can you imagine, little do you

know that you are upgrading. How did

you do it?

Rita: It has been God dear..Uforo has found favour in the sight of

God. Very soon she will give birth to

the second Jesus.( every one laughs).

Itoro: Uforo congratulations… I tag into your grace.

Paul: E don do. Uforo, Uforo. Ah ah

Abeg I am tired of hearing her name please. Look at you people

she has not yet become a celebrity and

you guys are already praising her… Enough joor.

Rita: Paul is a jealous guy o! Paul! you are just jealous.

(Paul goes out and stands in front of them, he calls out Rita)

Paul: Rita please come out. I also want to be celebrated.

(Rita goes out and stands by him with her protruding stomach.

Paul goes down on his knees and opens a

content that has a golden ring inside of it. He looks up at her) I

know you have gone through a lot, I don’t

care about how people view you. I want to make you my better

half, I want you to be my mother, my

sister, my first daughter and my best friend. I will love you with

all my heart, I promise to respect your

views, feelings, emotions, pains, happiness and your privacy. I

promise to lavish my money on you. Will

you marry me Rita?

Uforo: Oh my God, Rita, that’s so sweet.. So so sweet.

Rita: (tears go down from her eyes) Yes, yes I will marry

you… I will.

(she hugs him as everyone stands up and claps for them.)

Everyone: Congratulations.


8years later

INT: inside the shrine. Ekong is seen dancing around. Idara and Itoro enter looking very angry.

Itoro: Papa, you have fooled us. You have fooled us..

Idara: Daddy, how could you trick us. How could you papa, how?

Ekong: I don’t understand.

Idara: We came here eight years ago to see you papa in order

for you to eliminate Uforo

Itoro: Which you gave us the assurance that you would do it..

Papa this girl has made it, she is now a

medical doctor whom the obodo ibo people (white people) do not

want to release her back to Nigeria

because of how skillful she is in the medical field.

she is in abroad as we speak to you now, she has wedded a man

over there and now she is making plans

to come over here for her traditional marriage and guess what,

she is getting married to a bishop from

this very country but has been in London right from birth, by

name Nnoso Ikechuckwu. Papa, I don’t

want that marriage to stand.. We don’t want the marriage to

work.. Yesterday she sent two million naira

for us so as to look good and to also prepare ahead. I am ready

to give all of it to you, please papa I want you to kill her.

Ekong: You have spoken well…Hahahahahaha.. Ekakang abasi

isong Ekakang! Afo cop se mmo eyem di

nnam dekeda nam nno mmo (incarnation)

MY GIRLFRIEND scene 1 to the end

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