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How To Spice Up Your Marriage In 20 Outstanding Ways


Tips To Spice Up Your Marriage

  It is one thing to fall in love it is another to fall out of love not because you want that to happen but because the species in the marriage is long gone thereby leaving you and your spouse the chard which cannot and does not have what it takes to help in keeping your home.

Having a wonderful wedding, with VIP’s friends is not the conclusion that your marriage will be wonderful but doing few things to spice up your marriage after the wedding night can help to sustain your home even when you don’t know the effect of it.

There are so many ways to spice up your marriage but we will go with a few of them for now.

Therefore, How Do You Spice Up Your Marriage/relationship
Let’s start first with the lady’s aspect but going into the men’s aspect.

1.  Learn How To Seduce Your Husband: being shy in this aspect won’t help you therefore, the earlier you suppressed that shyness, the better for you and your home.

He is your husband so wanting him is not a sin, is a kind of ingredient which is necessary for your building your marriage.
Make your husband know that you want him just as he wants you. Don’t make him always be the one to make the first move at all times.

Things that can help you seduce your husband

1. Wear a seductive nightgown that he can’t resist

2. Fresh up by taking your evening bath so has to smell well.

3. Get yourself a nice body perfume.

4. If you are at home with just him, dress in a way that is calling not using a wrapper around your chest, and be walking around the house like someone without a destination.

5. Use a nice and clean under clothing, it is a turn on. Don’t go and use one kind out dated undies that will only remind your partner your financial status.

2. Check upon him: he went to work from 7 a.m till 8:30 pm, no call, no text nothing… No that’s not it, if he is busy, then drop him a short love or a short missing you text message to remind him that someone special is missing him and is waiting patiently to meet him at home after work.

This magic works, try it and see. It is a sign that you love and also want him too.

3. Learn how to cook: a woman who controls a man’s stomach has the power to control his heart. Learning how to cook just because your husband is a nice move. It will be taboo if you are not good in the kitchen and also not good in the bedroom. 

4.  Surprise him with his favorite: knowing your spouse’s likes and dislikes is a big plus to helping the love to grow. But how??

For example, if your husband’s favorite food is a salad, find a day, prepare a salad for him when returning from work, put enough in his plate, serve him if you can even feed him with the first spoon, then do it but ensure that he knows that the night or that period was special and the meal was for him.

Am telling you, the way he will be smiling both in and out can be the same you saw on your wedding night.

5. Dressing: dress nice that your man can not take his eyes off you even in public. Dress to remind your man that you still have the package and you are still very active. With that, he won’t look outside even if he had the intention to.

As a man:

1.  Be Romantic: Ladies don’t dress because they just feel like Dressing, they dress because they want to look good for themselves and also for you as their spouse.

Therefore how can you be romantic??

There are many ways to be romantic but then I will just go with a few.

1. Your dress sense: don’t make her be the only one trying to look good for you every time try and also reciprocate.
You may not have many clothes but learn how to combine the few you have. Is an additional mark to your physical appearance. If you dress and your partner doesn’t look at you twice, then change that dress because it doesn’t carry the charm of captivation.

2. Phone calls: there is a way you can check on your woman and it doesn’t sound or look like you are feeling insecure.
Call her, text her with little messages reminding her how much you love her. how you value her, how special she is, how lucky you are to have her in your life, and lastly, for now, let her know her worth and position in your life.

Don’t only call her when you are looking for something at home and you want to confirm from her where to find it.

And also don’t only call her when you want her to get something for you or for the house when she is coming back to the house. Try and be romantic at least for once and see the charm working in your home.

3. Call Her Sweet names: If you love your woman, a name shouldn’t be a problem because you will not be looking for a name to call her since she means everything to you.

Don’t call your woman a name and attach your child’s name to her example, Mummy Samuel, mummy Junior, Mummy P, etc… Call her sweet names that will always make her smile anytime she hears it from you.

Example: My precious, treasure, my queen, baby, Imaima(my love), Akemmi (My own), Darling, sweetheart, my lady, etc.

2. Complement Her: appreciating what you have is a way of showing that you admire her, make her smile in a way that no matter what other men say to her as a compliment will be sound new to her ear why??? Because her darling husband compliments her at all times not only in the bedroom.

3. Dinner Date: yes you are already married. And so what? Take her out frequently, to bring back memories, have fun, chat romantically, drop office work for this period and concentrate with her only.

4. Spend Time Together: Spending time together helps in building the bond between you and your partner making it easy for you both to connect both intimately or otherwise.

5. Do Something New Together: spending time with your spouse is one thing and knowing what to do while spending time with him/her is another, therefore make some plans before that faithful day since you are the master planner of the day so create a nice event for the day, if you can’t recall, Jot them down to help you remember every plan you had for the day.

You can cook her favorite if you know it and also know how to cook Which is necessary to know your woman’s favorite.

But if you don’t know how to cook,  well I guess you just found yourself one of the new things you can do together at this time, creating first time cooking memories in that kitchen is something you can’t forget in a lifetime, etc.

Spice up your marriage so that divorce can be far from your dwelling.

Also note that the steps given here on how to spice up your marriage can also be used to spice up your relationship.

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