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24 Extraordinary Fact about love everyone should know now


Important fact about love

fact about love; One thing everyone should is that, Love is a beautiful thing in which it is in everyone’s desire to have or experience in life.

Love keeps no secret, and it is from the heart.

Being in a dating relationship with someone does not prove the fact that you love the person. that is why it is very important to have some ideas on fact about love.

In this article, I will be telling us what we need to know, and also how we can get our love checked.

So here are the few fact about love you should know;

1. Don’t ever rush into falling in love, for love never runs out. Even if they mock you because you are single, just tell them this:

“God is just busy writing the best love story that will sweep me off my feet!”

2. If you find yourself in love with someone else who does not love

you back, don’t kill yourself because you are okay and there is

nothing wrong with you.

3. Love is a beautiful thing, maybe the other person did not feel the

same way you did.

but never give up because there is always a reason for anything

that happens in life. Just keep pushing because love will be on the other side.

4. Always remember that people rush for cheap things, so see yourself as an expensive being. Click To Tweet

An expensive product in the market, boutique, always attract almost everyone, but it is only someone who is qualify not just with money, but with all qualification that do fit in.

5. You can’t force true love, it just happen even without your


6. Don’t be so desperate for love that you have to go for anyone

who approaches you for love.

fact about love

7. Don’t make yourself a fool for love just because A is in love with

someone you now choose to be desperate even if its toxic.

8. Don’t be desperate that you have to sell your heart for Dangote’s

salt… because if you do, don’t ever blame anyone in the future

because you hold the key to your heart, your happiness not the

people around you.

9. Be yourself and find someone who truly loves you and values you.

not for what everyone wants you to be, but for who you truly are.

10. Always remember this, never measure the future from the way

you are feeling now. sorrows may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning. so see everything as a process that you have to observe and go through in life before you can cross to your Canaan land.

11. fact about love is that, in the game of love, patience is a must.

12. Love is a matter of time.

13. Love do not just happen, you have to work for it by first of all, know who you are and work on yourself, career etc while waiting for the right one.

14. God is love, so seek him first.

— fact about love

15. you can’t find love if you don’t love and appreciate yourself. you have to first of all, believe in yourself, love who you are and who you have become and who you are going to be.

16. Don’t look down on yourself and your abilities.

Note, no one was born empty, we were all born for a purpose, what matters, is how you handle your mission.

17. Believe in the impossibilities.

18. Don’t ever try to live on fantasy. having faith then believing in something is very different from living in fantasy world, so quit fantasy and get a real life.

19. Love is not do or die affair.

20. Love is not blind so open your eyes to see and deal with what needs to be deal with.

21. It is true that true love can give you happiness but that doesn’t mean that because you haven’t found true love yet, that you can’t still be happy.

22. Don’t kill yourself because of how long it gonna take.

23. falling in love is not bad but be careful who you are falling in love with. because falling in and falling out of love, are both an addiction.

24. I will say it again, don’t rush for love, true love just happens even while you least expected.

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