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How your daily habits affect your life


How your daily habits affect your life

Do you know how your daily habits affect your life both positively and negatively? Then I will tell you.

Habits are one thing that defines who we are and how people should address us. Our habits are our identity. We display who we are or who we want to become through our habits.

How your daily habits affect your life

It is one thing in humans that cannot be faked for long as it is a part of our daily lives.


What is a habit? Things you need to know about it

There are formed by repetition.

–The way we react to things is a result of our habits.

Habits also show in the way we dress: when you join all your habits together you form a lifestyle.

–Tree Table of a Habit—


What are the types of habits?

Good Habit

Bad Habit

Ugly Habit


Are habits easy to change?

If you are thinking if habits are easy to change then I will say Yes and No. When it comes to changing habits, it is based on the individual involved.

Changing your habit is like planning to change your location and that takes determination and readiness.


Good Habit:*

How effective or useful you will be, depending on the number of good habits that you form.

A good habit can make you successful because grace can take you to the top but, to remain at the top, you need a good character. And to have a good character you must have a good habit.


If you are thinking of changing your habit, then develop these few good habits;


  1. Rise early: You cannot compare a life of an early riser to someone who oversleeps. If you see an early riser that is still backward it is only because the person did not plan well.

Being an early riser means you should know how to manage your time well to be productive.


  1. Keep yourself neat: God is everywhere but he dwells in a neat place. So if you want God to dwell in you, you must keep yourself and your environment clean and neat at all times. It’s a sin to know God and you are dirty.


3. Be productive: You shouldn’t spend every #5,000 or $50 that enters into your hands. It is better to save because one day you might need it for something very important.


  1. Minding your business: (it makes you shine and also helps you to live long without having issues with people) minding your business is the best habit you can ever develop because it is necessary.


  1. Touch people’s lives in one way or the other: (you might not be good at praying but another way you can help someone’s life is by giving.

      Learn to be a cheerful giver, it is not everything that has to do with prayer. At that particular moment, it may not be a prayer that a person needs help with. So learn to understand people’s needs.

Bad Habit

Bad habit makes a man less effective.

Getting offended when being corrected is a bad habit. Life is a continuous process, we learn every day.

N/B Bad habit is you not using the red bell by the side after reading this or following my quora space relationshipadvice1. hahaha please let’s continue.

Ugly habit

Ugly habit can also be called evil habit. They are habits but there are sins. Ugly habit destroys a man. It brings a man down to zero.

*Examples of ugly habits:

  1. Pre-marital s*x
  2. Gossip: Gossiping brings about division. It doesn’t allow anything to stand the test of time.
  3. Lying: Lying is an ugly habit. Your lying can bring down someone. So stop lying.

Lying rubs you off God’s blessing and Glory. Lying makes you and your angel be opponents instead of working together.

  1. Unforgivingness: you imprison yourself when you don’t forgive someone. Unforgivingness makes your prayer not ascend. It destroys your prayer life.

God is love so we have to learn to let go and love one another.

  1. Spending too much: it is an ugly habit not to spend wisely. It is a sin to spend more than your income. When money enters your hand, ensure that you know the important places to forward them to.

Wealth is not money, it’s in the mind before it now comes down to the hand. But the important thing is “How do you handle it when it comes into your hands”.

  1. Over-eating: It is one thing for you to eat because you are hungry but it is another for you to eat because you can’t overlook it.

When you eat whatever you see and you cannot say a No to food then that is an ugly habit, stop it.

  1. Don’t be addicted to social media: If you want to remain online, let it be productive and that is to say, limit the fun part of it.”

8. Oversleeping: Oversleeping while people are there busying trying to achieve one or two and you sleeping in without a source of income is an ugly habit. Most people that do find themselves in this kind of place do end up doing something illegal just to earn for living and this is wrong.

So it is better they get themselves disciplined.

9 Dishonesty: be a man of integrity, if it is white, don’t say it is blue. Learn to be transparent.

  1. Lack of time management: it says “there is time for everything” not being able to manage yourself is one habit you need to work on if you want to be productive in life.

Lack of time management can bring about a delay of destiny. That is “No going forward no going backward.”

N/B Your experience, feelings, caving, and desires have a lot of roles to play in the development of your habit. Therefore it is important to be careful of what you desire in life.



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