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How I fell In love With My Facebook Friend 1


      How I Fell In Love With My Facebook Friend

My name is Sandra I fell in love with my Facebook friend.

It all started eight (8) years ago when I was still a young girl, I really knew nothing about love,

I always believed that love was a game between a man and a

woman which at the end will have only one winner either the

girl or the guy. What I mean here is that, I didn’t believe in the word love.

I use to doubt it because I never fell in love nor have  I ever had

a strong feelings for any guy before in my life. 

If I like you today, tomorrow anything you do will just pissed me up before you know it, I break up. 

Six years ago I came across a guy by name Emman.

 Emman was a tall fair gentleman who was a student of Nekede

back then while me I was just graduating from high school.

 We met online and we became friends just friends nothing

attached to it, perhaps, I didn’t like him,  we always ended up

having misunderstanding anything we chat because to him, he

doesn’t want to lose in an argument likewise me.So with that, we

were distanced till 2014

When I had admission into Computer training school. He came

around the neighborhood and decided to call me so that we could


Since he didn’t invite me to his house, I agreed to meet him

because it was an open place and it was in the day time, so I

wasn’t afraid to meet with him.

 When we met, I discovered that he was more handsome than in

pictures, his sense of dressing was perfect, at least he knew how

to combine clothes but still, I wasn’t moved because I didn’t

believe in love.

Since then I’ve been keeping him in a friend zone maybe I was

afraid to love.

My facebook friend

 In 2016, I decided to try, I gave him a chance to see if i can be

in love but before I could know what happened the feelings was

gone, I tried to force myself to be romantic even on phone, but it

didn’t work out. so I broke up with him that same day without his


Then 2017 during his birthday, he invited me over but I turned

him down because I couldn’t appear in public then with a guy

because of the respect I had for my mother.

Perhaps, I couldn’t even tell my mother where I wanted to go,

but he ended up being angry, he refused to call me anymore, nor

chat with me, but  I notice that anytime I post, he will go to my

post and liked it.

Though I didn’t mind because there was no feeling available, I felt

nothing because his presence nor absence was meaningless to


But in 2018 after I posted something and he dropped an annoying

comment on it.

 I got angry and warn him never to comment anything negative

on my post, then he apologized.

Few days later, things started changing, I started having him in

my thought, then I decided to ask him why he was like that, and

he told me that I refused coming to his birthday nor even showed

that I care, so we talked and settle it.

my facebook friend;

From there we started chatting again, and he tried to tell me how

much he still loved me after six years, I thought about it for the

first time, and started clearing my negative thought about love.

 I stopped faking to love someone which I don’t, then I fell in


But today I answer calls and smile, which I think I’M IN LOVE

THIS TIME FOR REAL.  And am in love with the same guy that

loved me six years ago.  That’s my story with my facebook friend.



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