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Episode 6 of  My Blood MY Hater

Voice2: Hahahahahaha Enough is enough

(Mfoniso appears in white with blood all over his body. Aside

from the native doctor, no one else can see him but they are able

to hear the voice) (my blood my hater)…

Mfoniso: (to the native doc)

Enough is enough. You have succeeded in killing practically my

entire family and now you want to kill my only daughter that has put laughter in my mouth, she is our pride and joy.

Ekong: Who are you? (Idara and Itoro are seen behind Ekong’s

back )

Mfoniso: I am he that you murdered. And now I am here to take

you with me

(he stretch forth his hands towards him) come! Come! come with

me! Come! come.

Ekong: You cannot do me anything I am Ekong the servant of

the gods. Hahahahahaha.

Mfoniso: You have done enough. (he slaps him and Ekong falls

down and suddenly becomes an epileptic) Hahahahahaha.

Idara: Papa! Papa! papa! Dad please stand up, papa please do

not do this to us, if you go we are all dead.

Itoro: C’mon let’s go. What actually struck him down will

definitely strike us if we remain here for a long time.

Idara: (she cries out aloud) Papa mmi is dying o My father is


Itoro: Okay, stay there and mourn your father. When you are

done, meet, me at home (he runs away as she follows up).

Mfoniso: Hahahahahaha, Hahahahahaha.. My brother, your days

are numbered.

–my blood my hater continued…


( Two weeks later, on the day of the marriage, every one gathers

in Mfoniso compound

rejoicing and celebrating. Uforo and her husband NNOSO 36,

drive in with their new limousine. two cars

behind them and in front of them. In these cars are soldiers.

People are very happy to see Uforo, she looks very beautiful.

She and her husband alight. Everybody starts praising them. Paul

and Rita drive in all the way from Abuja in their brown jeep.  …

Everything is going smoothly and fine. At the end of

the marriage. As Uforo was about entering the car with her

spouse, she hears her aunty and uncle shouting, she rushes to


Itoro: Mfoniso my brother please forgive me, I’ll confess, please

I will confess

Villager1: What is this…. Oh Jehovah. Itoro what did you do to

your brother.

Uforo: Uncle, what are you articulating.

Itoro: Uforo, please forgive me I will confess, Mfoniso you

please calm down, I’ll talk. I want to

confess, my wife and I killed my brother and his wife, we didn’t

kill his daughter.

She fell from the stairs and died.

I killed my brother because he was so gallant, though he didn’t go

to school but he was highly favored.

I lied to my wife that my brother didn’t love me, that he was the

reason I was dropped out from school

in order for her to hate them. No, my brother is innocent, he was

not a philanderer like me. He

planned his life very well and did excellent, my brother had really

excelled in all aspects of life, hence I

envied him.

I didn’t sell any of his land I actually used it for planting so that

there will always be food in the house.

I became the landlord to my brother’s tenants, maltreating his

daughter. (to Uforo) please forgive me.. Please please

(Idara after listening to her husband, becomes mad

instantly. She starts running up and down crying

and laughing at the same time)

Villager2: Oh My God, what is this world turning into. Brother

killed brother simply because of wealth.

We all know how nice your own brother was to you, even when

my husband warned him to stay away from you,

he got upset and told my husband to shut up. Your brother would

bring all kinds of food items to your

house so that there will always be food in your house.

Villager1: Oh Itoro, I know God will not forgive you, see how your

wickedness has destroyed your generation.

Villager3: Speaking of the daughter, Imoh. yes, you killed her.

Supposing you didn’t do anything to her

parents, could she have fallen down and broke her head, no, it

wouldn’t have happened.(spits on the ground) wicked world.

Itoro you are so wicked, no wonder my spirit never clinched each

time you passed by my house.

Villager4: (tears run down her cheeks, as she looks at him)

Itoro look at you, your own brother who disobeyed his father just

to make sure you go to school.

Your brother toiled morning and night to make sure you would be

the pride and the joy of the home.. Itoro, who did this to you?

Villager2: Your brother owned four houses if am not mistaken,

he was so furious with his spirit when he discovered you were still

living with your father and gave one of his house to you. The

biggest of them all.

Oh Abasi ukan fien (God forbid). how could you without the fear

of God, bit the finger that fed you, how Itoro?

Villager1: You people have become the nuisance to this

community. oh, I just don’t know whom to trust again.

A brother who loved you so much and was readied to kill for

you..nooooo, how I wish he was my own

brother. (laughs) I will foolishly followed him..

(Itoro and EBEN 69 who are now married to each other. They

push some people aside so as to go

through the multitude)



My people forgive me. I was so stupid. I did all of that because

you people had always visited my brother

for help.

And I was left with nothing but an evil thought, he built

houses for old men and women I was left with no other choice.

I am so sorry.

Villager 4: Mumu, will your sorry bring him back, (hisses, and

turns to Uforo) my dear daughter God has really stood with you.

Where the people of this community couldn’t reach, our God has

taken you there and bring you back. (to Itoro) oya, kill this one

now. (hisses)

Nnoso: (to his wife)

My dear, you just need to forgive him and let him go. He

deserves more than this. I still just can’t grab

it, your own blood brother. Hmm it is a thing of shame.


Uforo: Uncle, how could you (she cries) after all my father did for

you. No no no this is not right at all…

Uncle you left school not minding how much pain papa went

through day and night just to make sure

you become. (she chuckles) And when papa discovered you had

left, he got mad not because he hated

you, no, he was mad at you because you thoroughly disappointed


It didn’t just end there, he made sure that you and your wife

didn’t lack anything. Papa gave you a shop

where you could sell tricycles and what happened after he must

have bought all what you needed (she

wipes her tears with an handkerchief) you sold out the shop with

all the tricycles in it in a very low

amount. (looks at him) uncle did my papa abandon you?


Villager 2: Itoro, answer her. It is certainly a thing of shame. If

your brother did not allow you to benefit

from his wealth, you could have lamented to the hearing of

everyone in this small community how

devilish your brother was.. Oh (she spits on the ground and folds

her arms)

Itoro: (tears roll down his cheeks)

My people, I know I have done so many wicked things in this my

life (catarrh drips out from his nostril as

he uses his hands to wipe it off) I have done the, the unusual.

Please my people could you all find a place

in heart to forgive me. I am so sorry.


Villager4: I gave out my heart to my husband Yesterday and

unfortunately he is not here, so right now I

can’t forgive you, besides we aren’t related, not in the least.

Uforo: (tears gush out from her eyes as she speaks to him in a

very tender voice)

Uncle, after everything my father did for you. (not knowing what

to say) Hmm, I have forgiven you.


Nnoso: Dear, God will take control. As long as he has confessed

everything is fine you are saved.


Paul: Common, Uforo chill up. Everything is fine.

Rita.: (embraces her very tight) Yes, sweetheart.

Put on a smile on your face, you look good when you do that.

Paul: And if I were you I would always put that on, no matter

what is happening with me. (Uforo smiles as her husband wipes

her tears with his hands and cuddles her to the car)

Rita: (covers her face with her hands as she falls into Paul’s


Awwwnn! That was really so sweet. (to Paul) did you see that?

Paul: Yes, I did. (he embraces her warmly)

Itoro: Ufo my daughter I am sorry…


Hmm, Uforo and her family are on their way going back to

whence they have come.

Itoro: My friend please do not leave me here alone. (half part of

his body decays as maggot’s struggle to

come out from his body)

Villager2: Impossible.

(the Villagers disperse to their different destinations as Itoro

screams and dies.

12years later.

Uforo and her husband set up a huge university and an estate in

her community, she also establishes an

industrial estate and a big hospital for her people.

She and her husband live happily in London with their three

fabulous children (DAVID 10, MFONISO 8 and

IMOH 5(Her little princess))

While Paul and Rita live in Abuja with their six children happily.



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