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Relationship Questions To Ask A Girl


Dating a lady doesn’t just translate to you knowing each and every single trait of her personality, neither should you have an assumption about you already figuring out what you intend to know which is why we would be considering relationship Questions to ask a girl.


At the very beginning reason why communication is deemed very important in each and every relationship as it is the key to each and every other door in the relationship that paves way for other things to follow suit.

Relationship Questions To Ask A Girl

In as much as having an interactive section in the form of conversation as regards values and goals might be beneficial to the relationship, in the long run, it is also expedient to ask some questions of your partner most especially in events that unfolded in the past, that which is happening currently which is as present and that which is yet to happen which is in the future.



Since you aren’t a mind reader, you shouldn’t for once assume anything about a girl, more so the one you crave to be in a relationship with. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and it just doesn’t start and ends with filthy conversations only, It also revolves asking questions of your partner to find out something more about their personalities, one that has never been brought to your notice from the onset.



1. What’s that weird thing your family, close relatives, and friends find funny that you don’t

2. What’s your preferred style and pick of music

3. What’s that you consider your greatest strength that people seem to underestimate

4. What’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever gotten from someone you consider a stranger

5. Have you ever read a life touching novel, what title does it bear

6. When all this is over, how do y want to be remembered

7. Would you consider the adventure of being in a long-distance relationship?

8. They say if wishes were horses, Beggars would ride; If you’re placed with the fantasy of making a wish, what would that be



1. What is that one thing you’re passionate about, that one thing of which you’ve got a drive for

2. What is your greatest fear as regards taking up the adventure of being in a relationship

3. What is that one thing you crave to do but hasn’t been given the opportunity of doing yet

4. If you could write a story about your life, would that make up a novel

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5. What’s is that one thing you do in secret in the comfort of your home that you dare not try outside

6. If wishes were horses, Beggars would ride; what is your own understanding of this statement when being placed in a relationship context

7. What is the greatest gift given out by you as a show of appreciation

8. What is your greatest fear as regards living life to the fullest

9. How did you overcome the pain of losing someone

10. What do you think of our relationship, friends or lover birds



1. What are those traits a guy should portray for you to consider him as your spec

2. For how long can you continue dating someone?

3. What do you consider okay and what do you not on a first date?

4. How Adventurous would you consider it to date someone you only met online?

5. How would you prioritize being intimate in a relationship?

6. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert in nature

7. What part of your body can you say catches the attention of guys

8. What do you consider or see as a red flag in a relationship

9. What would you suggest must happen for you to rate a date perfect at the very first instance




1. Who among every member of your family do you maintain close tabs with; Dad, Mum, or Siblings

2. Does your family has their own unique TV reality show

3. What are the weirdest things your parents do that do gets you angry

4. What’s the most favorable family moment one can ever think o.

5. What’s the harshest treatment you were forced to undergo at the hands of your parents

6. What job profession do your parents do for a living used in sustain the family

7. Have you got any memorable childhood experiences, yes mind sharing them with me

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1. What’s that favorite dream job do you fantasize about securing

2. Have you got any co-workers in the organization, if yes are you on good terms with them, and do you also maintain a good working relationship as well

3. What task has been assigned to you in the job that disgust you the most

4. What skills do you possess to have been considered and deemed fit for the job.

5. Do you still see yourself working at that organization in the next 5 to 7 years

6. If the opportunity presents itself, Would you ever for once consider dating the boss



1. What is the worst dating experience you’ve been forced to face and endure and do you fear having such an experience as that sometime in the future

2. What is that one attitude or character you consider important and deems valuable in a relationship

3. Have you got anything tangible to offer in the relationship, if yes state it and if no state otherwise

4. Excluding your physical appearance, what are some noticeable things about you

5. Would you mind getting intimate in your relationship from the very onset, or you would have to give it some time off

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In conclusion, the ability of a guy to be able to ask the right question is one trait never to be underestimated at all as it opens doors for the guy in question to learn and discover new things about his partner irrespective of how long they might have been in the union.

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As a guy, you should never for once form the habit of running out of questions to ask your partner as it comes alongside its own fun and thrills reason while we had earlier compiled a list of questions you can always ask her at will.

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