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10 signs you’re falling in love with someone


 signs you’re falling in love

Do you know that most people do fall in love with someone while they are still just friends without even knowing? It is their fault that they don’t know? Of course is not, the only issue is that signs you’re falling in love was just hanging around but they never read it.

falling in love is something that we can’t control. most times, it just happens with this, sometimes, we just can’t explain.

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Note this: Falling in love is not a bad thing, perhaps, it is a beautiful thing, but who you are falling for, is what matters the most. so when you falling for someone, ensure that it’s the person your heart says you should love.

But before we look at the signs you’re falling in love, let’s, first of all, look at what falling in love means.

Falling in love: This is the process whereby someone starts developing emotional feelings for someone either knowingly or unknowingly to the person.

Now we know what it means, let’s see the signs you’re falling in love;

You smile at the person regularly: One thing you can hide from your friends or colleague is when you develop feelings for someone. No matter how you want to hide it and pretend that you are not falling for the person, you can’t hide it from others.

And one of the things that expose you to your friends is your smile. When you are falling in love with someone, you will see yourself smiling at the person anytime you have eye contact with each other.

 falling in love
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Love has a kind of wind that blows to you that you can’t resist.

You defend the person at all times: Have you ever stood up against your friends just for a lady or a man before? then you are in love/crushing on the person.

Someone who is in love with you or who is secretly crushing on you will not be able to sit and watch someone or people bullying you without rising for you.

The person fills your thought: When you are falling for someone, there is a possibility that you will not be able to think straight all because you keep hearing his voice on your ear, whenever you want to close your eye, you keep seeing her or him.

Stop asking yourself what is going on with you, because you are falling in love with the person.

You enjoy his chats/calls: Sometimes ago, you two used to chat for maybe 20 minutes only, but now, you can chat with the person even from morning to night, you are not tired nor feel like chatting with someone else. That’s love.

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5 Low Appetite: Have you felt like being with someone on the phone, or face to face is better than getting into the kitchen to get something to eat? Is not laziness, is the love magic that is working.

You are in love with the person in a way that you don’t want to miss any chance of having a chat with him or her. so you can skip food just to be with the person.

6 Joy Overflow: Love brings peace, joy, and happiness into everyone’s life. having someone that loves you just as you love them, is something that even money cannot give you that.

7 Your Heartbeats faster: People’s hearts do not beat fast by just seeing or talking with someone except they are in shock. but when you feel your heart beating as if it going to fall off, just know that you are medically okay.

It is just your heart desiring for something so serious.

8 You become motivated: one of the signs you’re falling in love is that when this takes place in your heart, you will see yourself being ready to put any idea into action without wasting time.

You just feel like a big responsibility has been added to you that you have to ensure that you become productive.

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9 Seeing him becomes your priority: It is said “where your heart is, that’s where your treasure is”. You can’t say you love someone if they are not also your priority, that’s which you just can’t stay a day without seeing him or her and then still feel comfortable.

10 He has a big space in your heart: You can’t give someone a bigger space in your life just like that except you are in falling in love with the person.

No matter how much you love your friends, they can never fill all the space in your heart. but when one person among your friends, start occupying those space more than other friends of yours, you start seeing yourself feeling even more comfortable with just his or her company,

then it is one of the signs you’re falling in love with that your friend.

So if you ever had any of those feelings, just know that you are feeling in love with someone.

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