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Reasons why dating your best friend is great


 dating your best friend is great

Dating your best friend is one of the best and great ideas someone who wants to be happy can take but this does not mean that if you are not dating your best friend, you will not be happy. Dating your bestie has a lot of advantages when compared to dating a total stranger who you are trying to get to know. That is why, in this article, we are going to discuss a few important reasons this kind of partner is great.

When you are dating someone, it means that you are there for a purpose and not just a one-night stand and no matter what the purpose is, you want to be happy in the process of fulfilling does purpose.

What is the importance of dating your best friend?

1 Solid Understanding: Have you ever wondered why a lot of relationships don’t work today? It is because the couples have no mutual understanding and that is one fine thing about introducing friendship into your relationship before getting married.

You need understanding for your relationship to work and you cannot get this from a total stranger until they get to know you. That is why dating your best friend comes number one in this.

dating your best friend

Your best friend is someone that you understand and he or she understands your kind of person too because that is what makeup best friends. Understanding each other and then still choosing each other to hang around as best.

2 You can be yourself when your partner is around: Have you ever seen couples who act so obedient and perfect in the presence of their partner? If you haven’t, I have.

When I was in college, I had a friend although we are still friends now just that distance keeps us apart, whenever his girlfriend comes around maybe in the class or café, the guy will start dancing on his chair thinking of standing up or hiding or running, etc. and this thing happens for some period so one day, we decided to ask him why he likes acting that way when they girl comes around is he afraid of the girl? His response shocked me.

He said, “ Is not that I am scared of her, the only problem is that she always suspects me whenever I talk with any lady and threaten to break up”. It was funny but still, I didn’t know what that got to do with us because we have been 4 in our click since High school and that makes us his best buddies. (Two girls two guys).

I was curious so I asked again, to clarify things for us “what does that got to do when you are with us”?

He said the girl don’t even want to see him with ladies including us in fact, especially us. Wow. That was a blow. This is a guy that the four of us have been friends with since high school, since before they two started dating and you are not only stopping girls from coming closer but also his friends.

But I couldn’t blame the girl because she didn’t understand the kind of guy she was dating and I don’t think she knew how uncomfortable she was making the guy feel. With this, communication is hard.

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The guy wasn’t himself because they lack mutual understanding and when it is lacking in the relationship, point 3 comes in.

3 Trust: The girl didn’t trust the guy and she was doing everything to ensure that she save her relationship not knowing that she is ruining it herself. Lack of trust birth forth insecurity.

Your best friend understands you, meaning you don’t need to fake just to please him and just to please her. This only happens because you know and you are confident that he or she trust you and know that you will not do anything funny to ruin the relationship, especially the friendship.

 4 The right expectation: As a lady, you can’t go and date a man that does not understand the importance of serving his partner breakfast on bed and be expecting him to show that gesture one day of course no, it won’t happen especially when he doesn’t know that you are one of those ladies that love that action.

But if you were to be dating your best friend, he will know what fantasies are and how to sweep you off your feet even when you are angry.

Some best friends understand their friends even more than their friends understand themselves. This is because when they were having fun and laughing their lungs out, their friends mentioned the things they wish to do with their partners when they find one so they jot that down in their brain for future use.

So your friend knows your expectation from them, your plans for the future and they also know the things you don’t like and don’t wish for.

Can a best friend be a soulmate?

It is not all best friends that are soulmates. Some best friends were just created to be friends and friends they shall remain. But if you are dating your best friend and you are enjoying it, then congrats to you because you have found your treasure.

Your soulmate is someone to which you feel connected without any motive but it just happens.

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What is it like dating your best friend?

Wow hold on, let’s take it slow, haha. Dating your best friend can give you the best feeling ever because you will not feel insecure this is because you know who and what your partner is, you feel protected, not because he will join forces but it is because he will be very possessive and protective of you.

You will be able to develop self-confidence because you have someone that believes in you and your dreams. You will feel satisfied. Your friend knowing you even before you guys started dating is a big help to stop relationship anxiety.

That stress and adjustment that new couples do so that their partner will take them seriously will not apply to you because you know that your partner knows both in and out of you i.e is the good side and the bad side.

But also it can be something for ladies that enjoys playing hard-to-get game before dating a guy. And since you are dating your best friend, the space for hiding your feelings or hiding something from him is reduced to 20% haha don’t worry because the 80% is for the positive vibes of it.

I am telling you this from experience because my partner today, has been my best friend since college and we are still friends to date. SEE ALSO: Christopher’s love story


Which is best relationship or friendship?

There are a lot of things you can do in a friendship that you cannot do in a relationship because you are scared if you take that action that your relationship may break. But with friendship, they are room for mutual understanding.

For your relationship to work, there are a lot of demands you will have to put in place and some are, adjusting in others to fit into your partner’s life. You may even have to change your identity to who you are not just to please them but with friendship, you don’t have to do all that.

Friends choose you for who you are or for what you carry and not because of who they want you to be. They don’t try instilling the part in which you don’t have except they know that you have it but cannot discover it, then they will help you discover it on your own.

Now that we have seen a little difference between the 2, which is the best relationship or friendship? I hope you choose correctly.


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