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What are the 7 Signs You’re In a Fake Relationship?


It’s hard to tell when you’re in a fake relationship. You might think everything is perfect, that your partner really loves and cares for you. And maybe they do, but it could be fake love.


#What does a fake relationship mean?

A fake relationship is one where the couple wants to appear happy in public so they pretend to be. They may show affection and act like a loving couple but behind closed doors, things are very different.


Relationships are full of fake moments, and sometimes fake relationships. It’s difficult to tell when you’re in a fake relationship because it can be intentional or unintentional. There are signs you’re in a fake relationship that might help you figure out if your situation matches this description:!


Do the following sound familiar to you: your partner is rarely home, they don’t text back right away and when they do it’s always fake messages like “great!” or “fine.”  You may also notice that their friends all live far from your house. here are some more signs you’re in a fake relationship:


– You don’t feel like yourself around them


– The person doesn’t seem interested in the same things as you 


– They always have an excuse for not being able to hang out with you


– They act differently around different people


– They talk about their exes more than they talk about you


-The other individual never initiates any contact with you or flirts back when they should (they may be texting less and responding to your messages.


– They lie and say things like “I’m busy” or “I have a headache” when plans fall through, etc.


#How do I leave a fake relationship?


One thing is that you cannot force a relationship and even if you do, you can’t force someone to love you.  

                          signs you're in a fake relationship

You should take a step back and assess if your fake relationship really is worth it.  There are signs that you’re in a fake relationship, but there’s also the option to ask them what they want out of this fake thing! You deserve better than someone who’s only interested in playing with your emotions so make sure to talk about it don’t just decide except your partner does not want to talk about it with you.

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I’m not saying that fake relationships don’t have a place in this world, but you should be aware of what’s going on and the signs that it is fake.  You deserve to love someone who loves you back even if they’re only doing so because of guilt or obligation.  


#What is the difference between true love and fake love?

 True love is unconditional: fake love requires conditions in order for it to work out. True love doesn’t ask the question “what’s in it for me?” whereas fake relationships have a lot of selfishness attached.

True love comes naturally while fake love is forced.


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True love is what you feel when something makes your heart skip a beat. Fake love can be fake too but it’s more like the feeling of being infatuated with someone else rather than happy and content in the relationship


The bottom line: if you’re not sure about whether or not this person loves you for real, ask yourself these four questions to find out:


Do they show any signs that your feelings are reciprocated?  You want them to openly express their affection just as much as you do.


Are they interested in spending time together? It should be obvious that whoever we’re dating wants us around–after all, why would anyone bother with a fake relationship otherwise? If he/she doesn’t seem overly invested in your relationship, it may be fake.


Do they do anything special for you? With real love, there are small gestures of affection and thoughtfulness that show the other person cares about who we’re with–even if he/she doesn’t say as much verbally. That’s not to say fake relationships never have moments like this because sometimes people can fake their feelings well enough to make them seem genuine; but by looking out for these little signs of true commitment, mistakes should become easier to spot over time.


Signs You're In a Fake Relationship

Does she want something from you? You could ask yourself whether or not your partner really wants a healthy relationship just based on how they behave towards you when they need something: is he/she kind and understanding even when they don’t get their way? Or do you find yourself too often having to fight for what’s important to you, and he/she doesn’t seem interested in making the relationship work?


Does she give advice about your life choices? If fake relationships are all about getting something from someone else then it makes sense that some partners might not be happy with your decisions. It seems natural to want input on big life changes like moving cities or changing careers, but if a partner is constantly trying to convince us of our mistakes–even when we’re positive they made the same ones themselves at one point–it could mean theirs isn’t as committed as ours.


-Is her affection fake? In real love, people appreciate each other every day, not just when they feel like it or if there’s an audience.


-Do you find yourself thinking about your fake relationship more often than being in one? If we’re always dwelling on what might have been, then something is off–even if the idea of breaking up with our partner seems scary at first.


-Are their texts and calls fake? A fake relationship may be hard to maintain without all the tools that technology provides for us today; digital communication has made keeping a long-distance fake relationship easier than ever before.

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But this can also backfire as well: constant texting/calling someone who doesn’t want to talk to you could make them even less interested in talking later, which means that now, instead of speaking occasionally being in a fake relationship can wear down the person on the other end and make them feel obligated to give you more attention than they otherwise would.


-Do fake relationships often involve secrets? If your partner is hiding something from you, it’s likely that he or she doesn’t see this as being part of an authentic relationship.


-Are their actions fake? Fake relationships may seem like those magic things we always wanted our love lives to be–until someone puts two and two together and decides there are only good things happening when people aren’t looking! When we’re not actively trying to hide what’s going on, it becomes easier for us to grow closer instead of continuing with all these games.




If you’re feeling fake in your relationship and want to have an authentic one, it’s time for a change. Consider giving up these behaviors or habits that may be keeping the fake going:


-Hiding things from each other, no matter how minor they may seem;


-Being fake with friends who know about the relationship ;


-Picking fights and fake arguments to make the other person feel like they’re in a relationship;


-Adding drama with their exes or others from past relationships.


If you want things to be different, it’s time for something new–and that starts by being genuine! Be honest about how you really feel and what you want.


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