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What Is Love ? 3rd Season


What Is Love? Season 3

What Is Love? Season 2  

I couldn’t help it when he asked for a hug, I was more than happy to do it. Since many were staring, I decided to drag him into my office, with happiness, I k*ssed him, wow I did it when I notice what I had just done, I couldn’t stare at him instead I was facing the floor, Jack froze for some minutes not long I felt that familiar hand holding me close to his body and k*iss my brain out.

 In the process of that, we didn’t hear when my office door was open and immediately a small voice sounded in my hear.

Dad…… I stiff, Dad?? God, did I just k*ss a married man? The last time I checked, he wasn’t married so when did he marry? I started questioning myself because I was scared of history repeating itself.

****** Flashback********

what is love 3

I was 15 years when my dad left me and my mum for another woman, my mum was so heartbroken but she never gave up, she ensure that I and my brother have a good life. As a single mum, it was hard for her although she do try to hide it and I loved her more for that.

David, My brother was 7 years old when my dad left I had to pick up a part-time job in a sports equipment store around my school so that I can support my mum thought I didn’t earn but I do earn some extra cash from the boss.

My boss was around the age of my mom, he was tall and handsome and never married, yeah I know what you are thinking, that’s right, I saw something in him that always make me wish that he meets with my mum and it happened one day.

Mum got together with my boss and he became my dad, one of the best dads. Our lives changed for good, my college years were without worries and my brother’s education and well-being were a guarantee. 

*****Flashback over*******

No, my mum went through a lot after my dad cheated on her, I can’t do the same thing to another woman, No. I have to let go. Immediately I shifted completely from him, I couldn’t face the little boy so I focus on my foot praying for the ground to open up but it didn’t even the time refused to move.

As I was praying, I heard him speak to his dad “Dad is she my new mom?

 Oh my, new mom?? My heart started racing then I was stunned when I heard the next question 

“Is she the one we have been searching for from one city to another”?

What? He has been searching for me all this while? I didn’t know what to do should I cry or laugh? My heart and mind was in a mess at this time, I was lost that I didn’t hear what he said to his kid nor notice when the kid walked up to my table

I came back to my senses when I felt the warming hands on my mind when I looked, there she was, staring at me, 

“Hello, my name is Lisa?” The kid introduced herself and expected a handshake.

Lisa? That’s my name and here she is bearing the same name with me? What is going on?


“Hi there, my name is Lisa, I guess we are namesake? I shake her hands while my gap was on Jack demanding an explanation.

“Wow” So it is you? You are so beautiful, my dad told me that my name does remind him of someone that was special to him and since I am special to him too, we became best of friends. Can we be friends too? (Little Lisa said)

 “ thank you Lisa, and you are beautiful too, I will be honored to be friends with a princess like you.” (I smile at her but then she hit me with another question that I couldn’t answer, it was a big one

“I like you already, will you be my mom, please?

Truly I didn’t know what to say, I stood there without blinking. It took me almost 5 minutes to find my voice but then Jack came to my request.

“Hmm, Princess don’t you think you are making aunt uncomfortable?” Jack said

“Oh, I am sorry if I did, I was just happy to finally meet you”. Don’t leave me because of that, I won’t make you uncomfortable again. (Lisa said)

“Sweetheart, I like you already too, and since we are friends now, I won’t leave you, I promise”. (All I didn’t want to do was to take away the little girl’s excitement and I guess my response worked).

I was observing something between the father and daughter dual when immediately Lisa stood up and excused herself from the room, before she left I noticed that she was having a conversation with the dad using her eyes and so was the dad, I became jealous.

Sometimes, I miss my biological dad and I wish he didn’t have to go but that was fate, so all I could do was smile to myself.

“Can we talk”? Jack asked and I nodded in approval.

“How have you been?” when he asked this question that I later remember that we didn’t do all these formalities which means we skipped it to……. Oh God, was I that desperate?

I have been well, thank you and you, how have you been? I never knew you were married.

“I wasn’t, I………” Jack answered in a low voice. I can hear from his voice the hesitation 

“I was about to but it didn’t work out so we separated”.

“Oh, I am sorry about that, do you mind if I ask what happened? What stopped you?

“You,” Said responded

“Me? How? I don’t understand”

I never knew how I felt until you were gone, so I went into a relationship I loved her or so I thought, but my heart wasn’t with her and she noticed it when she questioned me, I couldn’t hide it from her anymore so I told her everything. With that we part ways, a month later she told me that she was carrying my child I was happy and scared.

Scared because I know my heart was not with her, but I was relieved when she told me that it was okay, she wasn’t telling me so that I will marry her. Perhaps she likes someone also. 

I asked me if I needed the baby and I said yes, and begged her to keep the baby and she did. A year and a half later, she brought Lisa to my full custody and then left.

“Where is she now”? Are you still in contact with her?

“She is happily married now and no, we are not in contact because I completely adopted my daughter.”

“So when did you know”? (I asked)

“Know what?” (Jack said)

“When did you know that you were in love with me?”

“Oh, about that, after two months that you left and your family relocated, I was so down, I lost appetite, I locked myself in my room for days. 

I felt so empty that was when I knew that I wasn’t sick but it was your absence that is affecting me”.

I knew not, nor understood those feelings if I did, I would have tried to stop you from moving with your parents but I was ignorant about the power of love. I am sorry it took me this long to find you”.

 I was about to react when Lisa ran batch in on us she was smiling ear to ear, I didn’t know if I should smile or send her out to proceed with Jack, I was still thinking when she surprised me with her action….

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