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What is true love? 10 signs of true love


What is true love? 10 signs of true love

Everyone wants to be in a relationship with the most caring and loving man or woman in life and with this kind of wants, they make it so easy for people to play with their emotions just because they don’t have an idea of what is true love.

Now let me ask, as many people are looking for love, do they know what is true love? Or are they just classifying any 1-5 year relationship as true love?

True love does not have anything to do with the number of days, weeks, months, years two people have been together. Yeah, I will explain.

I once had a hostel mate at college, who we all thought was truly in love. Yeah serious, the way she used to play around this guy, the name-calling, the outing, etc really made us be convinced that their love was strong.

But little did we know that all this was just an act for the guy to sponsor in college and be taking care of her needs.

So throughout our stay in school, they have been together but on the last day of our final paper, she gave us an invitation card to her wedding.

We were so happy for her and the guy but guess what, she was getting married to a different person completely. We were amazed.

But what shocked me was when she was asked about the guy that we know, the response she gave.

She said “babe make una leave that thing, it was just college couple things” which means ( the relationship wasn’t serious that it was just a normal college relationship).

Now, after hearing this, I now came to understand that true love doesn’t base on how long two persons stay together.

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Because someone can still pretend to love you just to continue getting favors from you. You will just see yourself wasting your time on the person then at the end of it all, he or she now moves to someone else.

Now what is true meaning of love?

There is no true meaning of love not because it is not there in the dictionary but because every day, we discover new things about love, new things in a way that the things we thought were love, are no more since they can be faked.

But still, What is true meaning of love?

Love means having affection or feelings for someone. while true love means having an unconditional feeling and deep affection for someone.

I will explain more using the points listed below for what is true love.

1 Absent of fights: True love does not mean an absence of fight, instead it means a relationship between two imperfect individuals coming together to form a perfect relationship or home.

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A fight does not come into our relationship to destroy the relationship, instead, a fight comes in to strengthen the bond between two partners.

That is why you will see a couple who just fought yesterday as if they want to kill themselves having a good time the next day. that’s true love.

The way you settle your misunderstanding with your partner determines how much you love and value the person.

2 Compromise: A true love is all about compromising, when you compromise, it simply means that his or her happiness matters also to you.

If you truly like being alone, and that is your nature, it doesn’t mean that in one way or the other that you will not compromise just so that your relationship can work.

3 Financial Status: True love does not care about your pocket. although everybody including homes needs a financial breakthrough when he or she always keeps threatening you to break up all because of finance, then that’s not true love.

4 Comparison: True love knows nothing about the comparison. It is very wrong to say that you truly love someone with all your heart, yet you still compare him or her to your Ex, neighbors, friends spouse, etc.

Comparing your relationship negatively is a sign of disrespecting your partner and your love.

5 Happiness: True love gives you complete and pure happiness, which is called “inner peace”. inner peace is when you have a greater peace within you that you just can’t explain to anyone.

when this occurs, it means that you have found the key to your happiness and that is a sign of true love.

6 Transformation: when you are in love yet you are not feeling or seeing any change in you, then that’s not it. True love makes you try to be a better version of yourself.

Transformation may occur in the way you speak with people, the way you reason, the way you walk, the way you sleep, the way you dress, and the way you see people.

7 Selfless Love: True love does not care about who is right and who is wrong. and that is selfless love. in selfless love, all that matters to you is how to make your relationship or home a happy one even if is by accepting blames just for peace.

Selfless love is one of the greatest love someone can give to you. and everyone needs this, so if you have this already, don’t play with it, because this type hardly comes by.

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8 Action and not the word: True love comes with action and not the word. true love does not know how to make promises but it knows how to fulfill even unpronounced promises.

True love deals with surprises not and not waiting or doing it to show off or for praises.

9 Appreciation: True love comes with appreciation. You appreciating the partner you have and him or her appreciating you too is one of the signs of true love.

Appreciation doesn’t have to always involve money except you just want to spend on your partner, but appreciation can come in a way of giving good compliment.

Yeah, compliment, you can compliment their dressing, their make-up, their beauty, and even for having them in your life, for them loving you, etc.

10 Friendship: There is no true love without true friendship. friendship helps your relationship or home to stand the test of time when the feeling is gone.

Friendship helps you to be open with your partner, so ensure that you include friendship in dealing with your partner.

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If you have already find your true love, Congratulations to you.

But if you have not him or her yet, Give it time, you will finally have one. Good luck.

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