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The Way Out: 10 Reasons Why A Girl Doesn’t Like You


  What To Do If A Girl Doesn’t Like You

While there are exceptions to every rule, the most commonly observed behavioral tendencies in women are this: If a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t go out of her way to do nice things for you. Doing something for a woman who doesn’t like you will have little to no effect on your relationship (or lack thereof).

For example, My lodge mate was once dating a girl who did everything she could to make him feel good about himself. She got his favorite food when we went out and brought it to him at work; took care of his dog whenever he traveled out of town; made sure he was comfortable with anything she wore or did before going out in public; etc.

This guy was completely oblivious to what the girl was doing and never realized nor appreciate that she did like him. He thought everything was going great between them and as long as he knows, the girl can’t leave him anytime soon, despite her occasional displays of physical affection being nothing compared to how she acted around other guys (like being cold when she is around other guys). 

However, when he asked about some new clothes his ex-girlfriend gave him I heard her say “I wouldn’t wear those pants” or “that shirt looks awful on you”. She just didn’t like the guy, she wanted to make sure he had clothes he liked and that was love.

But today, the guy lost the girl to another guy.

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On the flip side, if a woman likes you (and is not simply just being nice) doing something for you will often have a far greater positive effect than it would with anyone else. For example, ever wonder why she’s always flirt with you but never that guy over there? It’s because she likes you.

This is the rule that will help you determine whether or not a woman dislikes you. If she is nice to you, there is no problem; if she is not nice to you, then they’re most definitely IS a problem. There can be little room for error with this method since it relates directly to her desire (or lack thereof) of being with you romantically.

Selection Standard

Just like men have an instinctual understanding of what they find attractive in women (both physically and behaviorally), so too do women innately understand what they are attracted to in guys (physical appearance aside). While there may be some variance based on age, race, religion, etc.,

A Girl doesn’t like you. Reasons are:

1. You make her feel as if she is on a diet.

2. She thinks that you are boring and predictable, and she wonders why she can’t seem to love you the way she does her slippers or her computer or the ocean, or her pet rock.

3. You have no ambition, and all your life plans involve staying at home watching movies on your couch with her (and not the good kind—the lame kind).

4. Even though you love each other deeply, nearly every conversation turns into an argument because of petty bickering over who did what wrong in previous arguments/discussions/coitus sessions that may have occurred years

5 You are trying to change her. Do you love her? good, but you have to learn to accept her and she will adjust alongside you, but never try to change who is completing because that will be telling her to fake her identity.

6 You are a work alcoholic: Making money is good because it will you and your family to have a good financially but when doing this, remember the emotional aspect. No matter how you work, you have to ensure that you still have time for your woman. 

Don’t be too busy that you hardly have time for her or else before you realized it, you have already used your hands to spoil your relationship because you were never available when you needed her most.

7 Your sense of dressing. If you can’t dress well, having a lady that likes guys that can dress well is not a good idea except you are ready to adjust as fast as. 

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8 Your temper. Nothing is wrong with being jealous and possessive but don’t overdo it. Sometimes you need to put yourself in check. Women like men that shows this jealousy because it shows that they love them and they are not ready to share but then if you are can’t control sometimes, it shows that you are feeling insecure and insecurity most times is caused by lack of trust, and without trust, a relationship cannot stand a test of time.

9 You are too clinging to her. Clinging to a woman too much can look like you are desperate. even if she doesn’t complain, her friends will do and that is you create a bad image, and no woman like a bad with bad image. No matter how much you love her, ensure that you give her some times to meet up with her friends. Give her a space sometimes and get your own life in others at this period.

10 You are so cold. No matter how cooperative you are, never make your woman feel bored around you because this will only that you are no fun. Try and be free and open when your woman is with you because she is part of you. make her feel like without you on her side, life is bored.  

# what to do if she doesn’t like you: 

If you observed all that is listed above or if you have noticed that there are changes in the ways you used to behave around you or your friends, the first thing you have to do is to check yourself if you have wrong her in any way or if you are at fault. but if you can’t find anything from your side, you don’t have to give up, all you have to do is to try and have a heart-to-heart talk with her.

No man will be so patient and willing to have a heart talk with a lady and she won’t open up, of course, she will open up that is only if she notices that you are serious. this means that you will take whatever she says into consideration.

2 After having a heart to heart talk with her, ensure that you try and fix whatever you think you can fix, but if you are not sure of how to go about it, tell her that “you are ready to adjust you just need her to stand by you and help you with direction on how to fix it.”

3 Ensure that you adjust not just because you want to please her but because you also think and know that change is necessary if you love her. This is called “Sacrifice”.

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What is sacrifice in a relationship?

Sacrifice in a relationship is the process whereby a partner gives up something example a hobby just for the sake of his or her partner. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies and your partner is a fan of Bollywood, most times you have no choice but to keep him or her company by watching it alongside the person. This is you doing what you think and know that it will make your partner at that particular time.

This may sound little but it is very lovely and heartwarming. 

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