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Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Attorney


 Many marriages at a point decide to get a divorce due to one or more reasons best known to them sometimes getting a couple of divorce is quite easy if both couples agree to end their marriage. A situation where both couples agree to end their marriage is called an uncontested divorce” in this article, we will cover everything on Contested Divorce Attorney so keep reading.


While a contested divorce

is referred to a situation where one spouse wants to end the marriage and the other doesn’t, this happens as a result of several things


Contested Divorce Attorney :

these are legal personnel/lawyers that are responsible and specialize in handling contested divorce cases


Causes of a contested divorce

1. Love :

This happens when one of the couples is still in love with the other couple and doesn’t want the marriage to end

2. Children :

This case might arise if one other couple wants to go with the children and the other couple does not agree with his or her decision the other couple might decide to cancel the divorce

3. Properties :

After deep consideration of sharing the man’s property with a ratio of 50:50 most men disagree with the concept of divorce even When they are tired of the relationship

4. Family/Society :

One of the couples might disagree to go for a divorce due to many reasons one of which is society because most society frank at divorce and some might refuse to go for divorce cause of his or her family reputation especially a person from a reputable background will frank at divorce cause of the reputation of his or her family.


Some questions that might be going through your minds right now are questions like is supporting the act of divorce

The answer is No

Another point for you to consider is that many people have lost their lives trying to keep their marriage others have lost lives of their children while others out of anger have committed modder and are presently in jail. That is why we are here to advise you if you see that your marriage is getting out of hand despite the different majors you have applied to make the marriage work and yet it’s not working out and is becoming a threat to your life one of the safest ways to save your life is to file for a divorce with or without the concept of your partner if your partner agrees with you for the divorce then it cool! You can go for the normal divorce but, if he or she doesn’t agree with you then you can go for a contested divorce


Steps for getting a contested divorce


1. prepare, file, and serve the divorce petition (legal papers asking for a divorce and stating the reason for breaking the marriage)


2. respond to the petition

3. engage in “divorce discovery” – this process entails you getting adequate proof and witnesses to stand for you in court d

4. interview and hire an attorney

5. pre-trial legal motions and negotiations between attorneys

6. finally is the court trial and judgment

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How to get a contested divorce attorney near me :

You can easily get a contested divorce close to you by using google or by visiting any law firm close to you and asking them for a professional divorce law below are some contested divorce Attorney in different locations


Some professional Divorce Attorney and their contact


US professional Divorce Attorney


Jake Elmore

Divorce Lawyer Serving Dallas, TX

(214) 692-8200

Dallas, TX Divorce Lawyer


Kate Mataya

(214) 692-8200


McClure Law Group


Melody M. Petitt


Melody M. Petitt

Divorce Lawyer Serving Dallas, TX

(214) 420-0100

An experienced, dedicated divorce attorney



Matthew Towson

Divorce Lawyer Serving Dallas, TX

(817) 994-6025

Free Consultation

Dedicated, Experienced Divorce Lawyer. Call for a free consultation!


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Nigeria professional Divorce Attorney


. Amaechi Nwaiwu (SAN) & Co

Contact information

0802 590 5619

Location: Lagos Nigeria



2. Ayodele Akintunde & Co.


19 Bunmi Olowude Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

contact 0703 007 7905, 0805 871 3027




3. Greychapel Legal


Plot 17b Emmanuel Abimbola Cole Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

Contact 0815 291 4717



4. GRF Dalley & Partners


Gabsdal House, 3rd/4th floor, 26 Igbosere Road, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria


Contact 081 454 9824


5. Kayode Ajulo & Co.


4, Abiriba Close, off Yola Street, Area 7, Garki, Abuja FCT Nigeria

contact 0803 315 4349, 09 524 2218



6. Naija Legal Talk


Tpx Hub, 16a, Alfred Olaiya Street Off Abel Oreniyi Street, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

contact 0909 013 5800



7. Bourne & Awe


3a Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

contact 0803 743 2616




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