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Signs Of An Abusive Relationship


The relationship these days dies quite seems to be a fantasy as the internet and various Tv reality shows may paint the picture to be. While few might be lucky to find themselves in a happier and healthy relationship, the reverse is the case for many who finds themselves in a toxic union. The reason why this article is well resourced is to provide you with the necessary details about Signs of an Abusive Relationship.

Relationships generally are meant to be built around Love, Care, and Affection while also spicing it up with added traits such as trust and a good communication scheme. Even though it is worthy to note that perfection can’t be achieved in any union, it is disheartening to see imperfections weighing far more than perfections in any relationship, with the most miserable of all being an Abusive Relationship.

An abusive relationship as we all know is a companionship known for all forms of physical confrontations in every facet of live ranging from the physical, emotional all the way to all things sexual assaults usually coming from the angle of the male figure directed towards the female counterparts who happens to be his girlfriend

Guys are known to be the alpha figure in a relationship normally, who are expected to give directives on how the affairs of the relationship should be run. But unfortunately for ladies who actually are the prey In this case scenario, they are forced to go through hell at the hands of guys.

Moreover, in order to dodge such bullets of being in an Abusive Relationship, there are some red flags present in the relationship that you shouldn’t joke with as they might actually be a clear indication that the union you actually find yourself in might be an Abusive Relationship. Below are a few signs of an Abusive Relationship.

Literally, there’s nothing intimidating as your partner yelling and screaming orders at you in the name of giving directives or proscribing corrections. There’s no doubting the fact that once in a relationship, arguments are bound to erupt seldomly, but once it becomes part of his daily routine, it should be a worrying sign for you.

Pick up the courage to talk to him about his irritating actions which might be damaging to your mental health and if chose not to give heed to every plea of yours then it’s high time you start considering leaving the relationship for Good as being in a union with a dictator is the last thing one can ever wish for.

If your partner or boyfriend is one who doesn’t pick out positives from whatever you do but rather negatives is another red flag that might just be the signs of an Abusive Relationship. If he isn’t commending or praising you for whatever good you do but rather picking faults from any mistakes of yours then it is high time you start considering the status of such a relationship of yours.

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Being dragged into every fault in the union can actually affect the confidence and self-esteem of a lady acting as a detriment to their mental health as abuse doesn’t necessarily need to come in its physical form but rather emotionally and mentally.

If your partner which is the person you actually call your boyfriend is actually acting like a dictator in the relationship, this might just be a clear indication you might be heading towards yet another Abusive relationship.

Talking about Your partner being a dictator, means him already making it part of his daily routine of feasting on your social media pages and handles, requesting to know more about your whereabouts even when it seems to inconvenience you taking away your liberty at will.

When your boyfriend is actually in the business of threatening you with your mistakes of the past mistakes so as to blackmail you doing so, that is another red flag you shouldn’t underestimate as it might come back to haunt you in the long run.

Actions like pointing his fingers at you to beat you up, trying to blackmail you with a nude photo or sex tapes which were mistakes of your past life, all of which happen to be intimidating shouldn’t be condoned at all as it is high time you leave the relationship for good.

Emotional jokes and jesting just as the heading implies, though at first shouldn’t be considered serious first, but if it persists they should. The whole world might decide to make fun and mockery of you but it shouldn’t be your boyfriend who is meant to be your supporting pillar.

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If the one you call the love of your life is always tricking you into acting to his own terms and benefits, then in the long run such a relationship of yours is bound to be toxic and abusive.

Actions like threatening to end their lives or inflict self-damage on themselves should they decide to leave the relationship is one of the most commonly used manipulative acts as it is actually done with the intention of stopping you from quitting the relationship.

Silent treatment now has become the other of the day as it is the most implemented form of punishment In a relationship. Here the abuser acts as if the abused doesn’t exist as she is completely shut out and isolated in that very relationship.

In conclusion, just exactly the same where there are solutions readily made available for every problem, there are also some few tips which could be implemented to aid in tackling issues such as this. Here are a few of the tips you might want to consider

. Share your plights with your families, friends, and close relatives as these are the set of people you’re certain would surely have your back giving you support at the most critical time of you wanting it.

. A certain disappointment in life doesn’t signify more good timings won’t be coming your way any longer. You can’t be on the receiving end of various assaults either physically, emotionally, or sexually on a daily basis in the hands of your boyfriend. If the relationship is too toxic for you and you just can’t bear the assaults any longer. Kindly move on and walk away from the relationship with dignity.

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