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how to save a marriage: 5 Signs your marriage is headed towards divorce


Marriage is a beautiful thing, it is something that almost all the men and ladies wants or wish to experience in their life but most times it looks like their wish was leading them in the wrong direction because of what they experience by following their hearts and this seen like their marriage is headed towards divorce.


The truth is that no marriage is not without issues or misunderstanding and in the process, the partners or one among the two have a feeling of divorcing but then at the end of it, their marriage that was headed towards divorce turned around to be the perfect marriage at the end of the day.



This does not happen because one of them is perfect but it happens between the two parties were ready to play their part to ensure that they have the best marriage even if it is not the perfect one. 


Marriage is beautiful when is it respected by both parties but when it is not, the possibility of seeing the signs your marriage is headed towards divorce will be displayed. You just have to ensure that you read it. after reading it, if you can read it, then do, but if you can’t, there is nothing you can do.

In this article, I will be dropping signs your marriage is headed toward divorce but first of all, I will like to share with you the reasons for divorce in marriage.


Reasons For Divorce

1 Lack of commitment: There is one thing about a commitment that anyone who wants to get married one day or someone who is already married needs to know and that is, Commitment is a simple sign that tells your partner that you love, care and value them just as much as they love you.

Just if you want to love someone, ensure that you are ready to be a commitment in all possible ways.



2 Domestic Abuse: No woman wants to be a slave to a man all in the name of marriage. Domestic abuse is one of the reasons why many women prefer remaining single and just having a child to live with.

Loving someone shouldn’t make you a maid instead it should make you his soul mate. 


3 Not to the age of marriage: Although marriage is not all about age it is very good if someone is matured both mentally and emotionally before venturing into marriage. Marriage is not a child’s play, it is not a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.


Marriage means forever together. Someone can be up to 23 years still not mature mentally or emotionally yet. and things like these are also reasons for divorce in most marriages.


4 Business: Marriage is about love and understanding, not a political business transaction but when many ladies get into a man’s house just because their parents exchanged them for a political business, there is a possibility of that marriage headed towards divorce especially when they don’t love each other.

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5 Lack Of Emotional Support

Although there are many other reasons for divorce let’s stop here for now, because in my next article, I will be writing on it, so do well to check back.

Now, what are the signs your marriage is headed towards divorce?


signs your marriage is headed towards divorce

1 Commitment:  Although lack of commitment is one of the reasons for divorce, it is also one of the first signs that will be telling you that your marriage is headed towards divorce. so look out for this sign.


2 Frequent misunderstanding: It is not taboo for couples to have misunderstandings because that is what does strengthen most marriages later on but it is very bad when the misunderstanding is frequent. 


They can only be a frequent misunderstanding in a home if your spouse isn’t happy. this means that lack of happiness is a sign that your marriage is headed towards divorce as well.


3 No Intimacy: It is a marriage for Christ’s sake, not a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship that one can say, oh no, s** is a sin I can’t do it. Marriage was arranged by God which means you are free to experiment with your partner without being scared.


When there is no intimacy between you and your spouse, there is a possibility of him or her getting tired one day and then deciding to end things with you. So if you have your reasons why there is no more intimacy in your marriage and you don’t want your home to be scattered, then you should try to sort things out.


because this act ends up making you two live like roommates and then pushes your marriage to the pit and then generates the signs your marriage is headed towards divorce.


4 You are no longer his priority: One secret about men that are in love is that when they love you, even if they don’t tell you, they try to make sure that nothing comes between you both thereby making you his priority same goes for with ladies.


But if along the line, things change without a proper reason, it is sure that your partner is getting tired of you and soon it will be manifested. 


So if you love your man or your woman, try and ensure that no matter what you are doing, where you placed them in your heart does not change because if it does and they discover that you are changing negatively towards them, it might take you a lot to be able to get them back.


5 You feel bored with them: Indeed, it is not all the time that you have to be laughing and playing with your partner, but it is abnormal when their presence is making you feel bored all of a sudden.


When you start feeling bored, that staying with your friends will be preferable to staying with your partner then it will take long before a divorce paper will be an issue if you are ready to fight for your home, and talk things out.


How to Save a Marriage

Are you planning on saving your marriage or do you just want to know how to save a marriage? well, any of it, I will tell you.

If you think that the marriage is worth saving then why not start by;


1 Communication: Communication is the key to many things in a marriage. Communication helps you to understand your husband and also for your husband to understand you as well. Communication can also help you heal a lot of wounds be it internally or externally.



2 Commitment: After talking things out with your spouse, you should try and stay committed. and ensure that your commitment is willing and that you are not forcing it because If you are forcing it, it will not be appreciated.


3Take your partner as yourself: When you are married, you have become one with your spouse which makes him or her yours. so the same way you love and value yourself, then do the same with your spouse, this will show that he or she is your priority and not your work.


4 Counseling: some people for a counselor while some go to God in prayer, but anyone you choose, go to someone that will understand you and not judge you, you just need to open up and pour your heart both in front of the counselor and your spouse. The reason for the counselor present is because he or she will help in taming down the atmosphere giving your spouse reasons to understand you.


5 Appreciation: I know you see your partner every day but taking time more time to appreciate him or her will go a long way. even if when you are appreciating her or him it looks like you are flirting, let it flow, is your spouse, not your roommate.


There are a lot of other ways but the main way is through communication. What is your view on this? Can we hear from you?

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