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 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

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There are things every single should know and questions to ask before marriage which is very important before getting or even thinking of getting married.

But first of all, before we start talking about the things every single should know, let’s talk about marriage. Are you with me?


Okay let’s continue,what is marriage?  Marriage is a constitution between two people from different background coming together in holy matrimony.

Marriage as a venue, is where learning isn’t really welcome but a place where you put all that you learnt into action to make things work around your home.

So before thinking of marriage, first ask yourself, what have I accomplished on my own? What am I going into my new home with, am I going in empty handed?

Note this, 80% of every spouse who goes into his/her matrimony home empty, hardly have respect nor a voice.

Am I wrong? Now I ask again, what have you accomplished.? Thinking of marriage is not wrong, but first of all, try working on who you are. before talking on questions to ask before marriage, let’s first of all look into;

THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW; (questions to ask before marriage)


relationship with God
Relationship with God
  1. Your Relationship with God:

    your number one priority as a single individual is your relationship with God. Am I saying that when you are married that you don’t pray? No, what am saying is that, the way you fellowship with God now is different from the way you fellowship with Him when you are married with kids.

This is a time to allow God into every part of your life not only the part you want Him to see, to break you, rebuild you and mold you to how He wants you to    become.

what women are like.
  1. Study how a woman behaves: To my brothers, if you don’t know what to do or what it means when a woman is quiet or how to handle a woman when she is low or high, then you are not ready for marriage. Mark my words. Use your mother, sisters or girlfriend as an example in your case study.
  1. Plan Towards the future: How is your relationship with children? What do you think makes them happy? You got to know all that before even thinking of getting married.

It is terrible for you to stay alive and your child wishes you were dead. Or wishes he or she was born to another woman/ man like you. As a woman, it is not a taboo if you try putting things down with your pen and work towards achieving that vision. it helps build respect and self worth.


  1. Domestic Insight: Being a slay Queen will not solve this one My sister, have domestic skills before even thinking of becoming a married woman.

===questions to ask before marriage

Did I say you should become a chef? No, but you need to learn how to first of all, keep yourself clean, your home, that includes kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, bath/toilet, the surrounding etc..

It is either you are in or you are out. And the worst part is that you will not only lose your home to a strange woman from outside but an insider which maybe your house help.

new things
Self improvement
  1. Improve yourself: Don’t be a boring fellow, try and make your life interesting in a way that pleases God, that people who comes around you would want to stay not coming in and stepping out.


While waiting for marriage, learn new things, it can be a skill, trade etc, engage yourself in activities, Church activities, seminars, read books that will help you in self-improvement etc don’t expect marriage from every single man that tries coming close to you, because you will scare them away and that’s desperation.


You just have to wait upon the Lord before you rush and miss what God had planned for you.


Let your physical appearance speak a clear language to people concerning you. i.e. don’t be 23, 24, 25 etc. but your appearance is speaking 32, 34, 35 etc. 30 Relationship advice for men and 20 relationship advice for women



  1. Value comes before treasure: if you don’t learn to value what you have, you can’t treasure it. Perhaps, your heart lies where your treasure is.

Value yourself, your family, your friends etc. don’t live I don’t care kind of life because it won’t help you in the quest of getting marry.


  1. Study life: Life is full of so many things, you cannot discover these things if you don’t study and have some experience in life.


How will you train a kid or rebuke a kid if you have no experience about life itself? So you have to prepare yourself for what you want to become.



  1. How to communicate: It is said “communication is the key”. And you can only learn how to communicate and interact with people while you are still young, single. Learn how to listen, talk without making sounds and also understand reactions.


Learning how to communicate when you marry may not help your marriage.

You want to know why?  You are your spouse partner in dealing with people. as a wife or a husband, if you did not learn reactions without words, you may not understand when your husband needs your backup in a discussion with friends or when he or she needs your help in stopping a communication on subject she has no interest on or she is bored with.


Also, it is just like applying for a secretary job before even knowing what is involved in being a secretary.


  1. Learn how to tolerate people: when you are married as a woman or a man, you will see different kinds of people with different kind of drama, from different background.


Some will be coming to run your home for you, some will be coming to spoil it for you, some will stay as commentators, spectators etc watching.  If you never learn how to tolerate or handle such people while you were alone or while you were preparing for marriage, my dear, you won’t be able to deal with it now.


  1. Have a biological knowledge of sex: when I say biological knowledge of sex, I mean have an insight what sexual satisfaction is all about and why it is necessary in marriage. You can learn that by reading books, a marriage counselor, or a medical practitioner. 3 VIEWS ABOUT SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE


  1. Learn how to do multitasking: As a girl or lady, learn how to wash dishes while putting food on fire, learn how to sweep the floor while boiling water, etc. when you learn how to do these things, you will be able to handle your kids especially in the morning while preparing them for school.


===questions to ask before marriage

  1. Have a pre-medical knowledge: having a pre-medical knowledge is a good start in raising a family. Is not every headache, pains, stomach egg etc. that you should make a big deal out of it.


With a pre-medical knowledge, you will know some few first aid treatment to give to your kids or husband when temperature is high and when to use a paracetamol.


  1. Domestic security: It has to do with your dealing in the house especially at night, in your kitchen etc. be alert, put things in places it should be, before you go to bed, lock your doors, light out, kitchen running tap off, electrical sockets off etc.

Doing these few things while at your mother’s house, your own house etc. can help you to be domestic alert even when you get married.


  1. Improve your vocabulary: Some ladies can be so abusive, and they need to work on that before even thinking of getting married to a responsible man. Using words like why are you behaving so foolish, are you that stupid etc. is like a slap to a man’s face.


  1. learn about people’s culture: learning about other’s people culture I better than planning to adopt to it when you are married into it. Learning it now before saying yes I do, is the right stage to know if you can fit in, or you can’t.



  1. Learn to adopt, adjust and give respect to other people’s hobby: How do you react when your brother’s are watching football in the living room while you had a program you needed to watch by that same time? And vice versa, this will help you on how to handle such, when you are married.


  1. Learn to respect people’s privacy: respecting people’s privacy will help you in sustaining your life time on earth. There are things you will see in people’s phone that if not taken care of, it can result in heart attack. Learn to knock before entering someone’s house, room etc.

=== questions to ask before marriage


In marriage, love is not always enough, marriage has to do with commitment and compromises etc. that’s where questions to ask before marriage comes in.

  1. How is your relationship with God and people around you?
  2. why do i want to marry?
  3. Do you want to have kids?
  4. How many kids do you want to have?
  5.  Can i adjust or fit into this man/woman’s kind of life?
  6. Am i taking the right step?
  7. Is God behind this marriage?
  8. Am i rushing?
  9.  When i start having kids, my body will change, am i ready for this change?
  10. If conflict arises as a man/woman, will i be able to handle it without involving my mum?
  11. what qualities does he/she has that makes me want to marry this person?
  12. What is his background like both spiritually and other wise.?
  13. Can i maintain this relationship I’m starting both with the family?

These are the few questions to ask before marriage

9 signs he wants you in his future

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