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Dating A Friend- cons

Dating A Friend


For some folks out there, getting emotionally entangled with a friend might not quite seem to be a great adventure to embark upon, though the relationship is destined to be built on trust placing one in a tricky situation as to whether to take on the adventure of dating a friend or not.

As funny as it might seem to be, picking up the courage to ask your best friend to date you could be one of the most challenging requests you’ve ever asked for from such a friend of yours. It is deemed challenging because you would be discussing something serious with someone you once cruised alongside in time past.


The awkwardness of dating a friend is a total turn-off and red flag on its own as every activity engaged in the relationship tends to be a casual act, just exactly the same way they can’t fathom engaging in any form of romance or sexual intercourse.

In so much as you’re craving feelings to be with your friend in a relationship, and you’re striving so hard to make your wish happen to make your fantasy become a reality, yet even at that there are still some factors to be considered as going into such an affair with your friend just might not be quite an easy ride for you.

Certainly, there are bound to be some highs and lows present in the relationship, nevertheless, this article would be laying more emphasis on the negatives side of such a relationship like this as this article has been well computed with enough resourceful information. Below are some things to explain should you decide to embark on such an adventure as this.

Literally, you already know everything about him on one hand, while on the other hand he already knows everything about you in like manner. And with this, irresponsible of how hard you strive to portray yourself as the perfect one and an ideal partner, such efforts of yours would surely be washed down the drainage as your personality is known already by him or her.

Though you might still strive to convince him that you’re a changed person now and also in a changed situation as well judging by the fact that your affairs with him ain’t that of a friendship but rather that of a relationship, of which still with that might not work out exactly the same way you planned or imagined it. The reason why it is not advisable to date a friend is when there are thousands of options to be explored.

The feeling you are giving out and exhibiting might not be reciprocated to you exactly as you might have imagined it, and when a case scenario like this presents itself, it signifies you might have misinterpreted the feeling of CA and affection being shown towards you as love.
When the red flag is mentioned above, certainly the feeling ain’t mutual and it is best recommended to bring such affairs to a halt from that moment henceforth, as you might end up doing yourself more harm than good in the long run.


Having been together with each other for most of the times when you were still friends, one way or the other you might have known one or two things about one another which could be good or bad, position or negatives.

You might know one or two things about the past relationships with one another, and such knowledge as that might come back to haunt you as you might start developing feelings of Insecurity. The reason is if you aren’t mature enough you should never for once consider dating your friend.

Like someone you’ve literally been cool with based on the number of times and moments you both have shared together, certainly once you decide to advance from friendship to Relationship, you both still tend to remain comfortable with one another thereby making issues for granted.

While in friendship with one another, you both might not be heeding to corrections or giving full obedience to one another directives, now that you both have advanced from being Friends to being in a relationship, expect things to get a little bit worse as it is expected of such trends of taking things for granted to continue adding up to your frustrations in the process

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You both might have shared a whole lot of good memories together while being friends, now that you both are in a relationship, though it is still expected of you both to share more good memories and tidings together, even at you might not care to relieve such good memories as those as nothing amazes you any longer having been on the receiving side of that on numerous occasions.

No new surprises to bring you shock down to your spine as well as no new adventure to explore as you’ve literally spent a large portion of your time together with this personality while you were being friends.


In conclusion, we aren’t ultimately deciding to carry on a date with your friend isn’t a good idea at all, we are only trying to expose you to the cons of carrying on such an adventure as that so that it could be up to you to dictate and decide if it is really worth the risk. being in a relationship with your best friend also has its own good side as there are a few things to benefit from just by doing so. Such things include

~ You tend to blend well with one another having known each other for so long a time

~ You would always live to admire one another personalities just exactly the same way.~ You would always be cool with one another families and close relations having spent time with them while being friends.

~ The relationship is destined to experience rapid growth as both of you don’t necessarily need to go through the introductory phase.

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