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How Do I Stop Being Lazy in 6 ways?


How Do I Stop Being Lazy?

Do you know that being lazy is very easy compared to being successful in life? Laziness is one thing that we were all born with and it takes only does that wants to make it in life to break through it. Now I want to ask are you also asking yourself, how do I stop being lazy? How do I become productive? Well then, in this article we will be discussing how to stop being lazy and start making something good out of your life.

Laziness is an enemy to success that is why it is rare for you to find a successful person that is making it in life and is also lazy. A successful person is always up and doing while a lazy person is always reluctant to even leave their bed for the day. so if you are struggling financially, you need to see the 5 ways to be financially stable.

Although you want an answer to how do I stop being lazy, it is also important you know that you need laziness sometimes like on the weekends in other to take care of your health especially your mental health. You need rest so while you are busy trying to put one or two together, also make time to sleep in and relax.

Now let’s look into a few examples: Sometimes ago when I was doing my research, someone asked me and said Ms. Joy, what about me that I am working but most times I find it hard to be motivated to do the job and sometimes, I don’t even feel like going for work, I just feel like sleeping in, is that laziness?

Now if you look at that question, you will discover that there are two things in there to talk about and there are;

1 Procrastination

2 Lack of passion

When you lack passion for something you are doing or you are assigned to handle the possibility of procrastination coming in is very simple. You cannot procrastinate on what you find joy in doing.

So in this, you are not lazy, you just lack passion in what you are doing. So it is important that before doing anything, you have passion for that thing if it is long term.

how do i stop being lazy

Never mixed procrastination with laziness, because the two are different.

Laziness: are you not ready to stand up to your feet and be productive. You are so tired to work, you are so attached to your bed in the morning that you feel like you cannot separate from it. While in

Procrastination: You are working but then you are reluctant in handling the work. It causes a delay in the future. For example; You are a student and you have exams to read for against next week or next tomorrow, others are busy getting prepared for the exams so that they will be able to write and you are supposed to be preparing too but then, instead of preparing for the exams, you are seeing a movie.

You decided to watch a movie first with the mindset that when you are tired, you will then read. That is you delaying the important thing for the unimportant thing for the period. Reading and when you are tired, you see a movie is a right step to take if you want and that is procrastination.

So procrastination is an enemy to success that is why successful people are always looking as if they are in a rush to somewhere. Yes, they are because time is precious.

After all, being said, let’s check how to stop being lazy.

1 Detach from procrastination or procrastinators: Procrastination has the power to turn a man to level zero in life. When you procrastinate on what you are doing, the possibility of you stopping doing what you do is high.

It can also get you fired and when you are fired, your best friend will be your bed. And it will be hard to separate until your rent expires.

2 Swap your habit: Laziness is a habit and it is classified into a bad habit. A bad habit cannot take you to any good place in life. You need to give room to a change and also be ready to be changed. Without this, for you to change will be hard. So before concluding that you want to change, ensure that you have accepted that you have a bad habit. So to stop being lazy, acceptance is a necessity.

3 Recognition: After accepting to change, the next thing you will need to do is to recognize what and what needs to be changed in you. With this, you need a jotter. Jot down everything you do on daily basis and everything you always wish to do on a day but end up not doing any.

With this, it will help you with the adjustment. So recognize who you are and who you want to become and use it to make your changes successful.

4 Follow your heart: Your heart will not deceive you nor will it lead you to what you don’t have passion for. Following your heart in this content is like saying, follow your passion.

For you to detach from laziness, you have to discover your passion and then follow it. Following your passion is doing what gives you peace of mind. Something that if you are being told at midnight to do, you will gladly do it without stress. you can learn from others by joining our space on Quora

5 Time management: one of the mistakes that people who are good or are talented normally do is thinking that can do anything at any time because they are the best. And that’s not true.

Finding your passion and following it doesn’t mean that you will be perfect and irreplaceable so ensure that you do the right thing at the right time because this will help you manage your time productively.

6 Make a decision: after all, being said, last but not the least, for now, is you making the right decision. The decision we take has the power to turn things around for us or against us. So no matter what you decide tomorrow or today, make sure that it is what you want.

It’s never too late to start something new. the worst is not even starting.

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