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My Blood My Hater 4




Light fade

ACT iv

Scene 1

In an enormous sitting room, a man by name IKPA 62 is seen

sitting on the settee While his bodyguards

stand right behind him.

The Villagers are seen chanting and

laughing. Rita’s father IDIONG 60, comes out

smiling and waving his hands to everyone.

IDIONG: My in-laws you are all welcome to my house today.

Villagerman: Yes o. And we are so grateful to you for allowing us

to come into

your house without ill-treating us

(laughs) you know how badly some people have been treating us.


my people I greet you all, I deeply believe that some of you have

been informed of what today is all

about. (everyone laughs) yes yes, I know but let me duly bring it

to light why we have chosen to gather

here today with all of this.

I am here to marry Idiong’s beautiful

daughter Rita.

Please Idiong can you call her out?


Rita ima mi. Your husband is here to see you o.

(Rita comes out. In front of her, seven women are seen dancing,

singing and clapping their hands and

behind her four women are also seen doing precisely what the

women in the front are doing as they all

match into the sitting room)


Light fade


under a big Idara tree. A girl by name ITORO 17, is seen moving

about the tree. Paul comes towards her

with a wheelbarrow filled with yam.


Paul, come here. why are you treating me like this, why do you

treat me like a trash, why?

Paul: (frown his face) Itoro look, are you okay?

Why you stopping me from going to where I am sent, if you think

I have anything to tell you, you’re wrong.

Come, didn’t your dad give you the message I gave to him.


Paul I want you. I have already told my dad that if I do not get

married to you, I will surely die. Do you want me to die?

Paul: You must be crazy.

(chuckles) you prostitute, after sleeping around with all the men

in this land, you think you could use

your devilish pretty face to poison my heart so as to accept the

proposal(laughs), if your dad knows what

is right for him, he should better marry you out to one of these

old men. Idiot, okay come, do you know

where slut like you are found? they are fo….

ITORO: (slaps him twice)

how dare you commoner?

How dare you say such dreadful thing about me? Look at you, do

you know who you are, do you know

whom your mother is, (chuckles) stupid you, each time you

passed by your mommy’s house without

going in to see her. I feel for you, each time you look at Uforo

and smiled lovely at her, I take pity on

you because you don’t know how related you two are.

Paul: (stops and turns his face to her, he moves closer to her)

What did you say? (he’s short of words by what Itoro told him)

Itoro: (laughs at him) Look at you.

You son of a liability prostitute. She taught me how to prostitute,

she took me to your father Eben and I laid with him just the same

way she had laid with him to produce a nonentity who does not

know anything about brother you are a meat. I lost

my womb because of her.(tears flow down) she showed me the

path to hell. And I dare say I am not the only girl in this, so many

girls in this land are destroyed, some dead because of her. She is

using us to earn a living by all…

Paul: (grabs her by the neck in anger) who is she?

Tell me who she is otherwise I’ll kill you right here.

Itoro: (struggling to breathe) Her n-a me is.

Her n a m(stammering)

Paul: Yes speak. Tell me who the devil you refer to as mother.

Speak am listening.

Itoro: She is Idara, Uforo’s aunt.

Paul:(shocks) What?

Itoro :

Lemme go, you are hurting me. Paul let me go.


(drops her down. He moves backward, staggering, and finally falls

down and sits on the ground. Tears encompass his eye. He puts

his hands on his head, looking pale and crazy)

Why me?

Of all the women in this land, how could she be the one, why?


(stands up and moves closer to him. She bends down next to him

and keeps her hands on his knees)

my parents died when I was six, I never knew what to do as at

then to earn a living. I was very hungry, I ran to my uncle’s

house for food and shelter but he rejected me, he called me all

sorts of terrible names.. I left him crying, everyone who saw me

ran away from me..(tears flow down her ) I went to my aunty

who was at then your father’s wife. She spat on me and told me

to get lost. (looks into his eyes) what then was I supposed to do.

No one I knew saved my life rather they all rejected me. One

night I was crying when your mom saw me and picked me up.

She took care of me until I turned thirteen.(smiles) she started

sending me out with men.

At first I thought I was doing the right

thing not knowing she was using me to earn a living without the

knowledge of her husband, sir Itoro.

I have slept with your father

for more than six good times and he has been favoring me with

beautiful things. He catered so much for me, I thought I was

right.. I have aborted so many times and the last one almost took

my life, but God saved me.

Right now as am talking to you, my

womb is damaged.your mom promised to give me to you because

of that.(looks at him pitifully) I have regretted everything, right

now I don’t know what to do.. Paul I am very sorry. I am so sorry

Paul :

(holds her together and cuddles her)

Itoro it’s okay.

I should be the one to say sorry to you. I had always hated you

each time I saw you. so how come about she being my biological



According to her, her father is an herbalist. So she ran away from

him to start up a new life here. She couldn’t make it since there

was certainly no one in this land to help her. So one day, she

came to your father for food and he gave it to her and told her to

come which she did go back. When she got there, your dad was

eating and he asked her to join him,she did without

hesitating(she smiles at him)


(smiles back at her)

Am still listening.


After eating, he took her home and raped her. She said, she

groaned and shouted but no one came..that’s all.


Why do I feel like she is lying..why do I perceive that there’s

something she isn’t telling you.


The right thing to do is to go home and ask your papa.. Figure it

out from him, I believe he will tell you everything.(stands up) I

have got to say goodbye to you now(helps him up) can we be



(pretending to be fine as he laughs)

Will it hurt you to know that I don’t like you.


(hits him on the chest and smiles )

You are so irksome I swear. You didn’t use to like me, but I used

to and am still liking you irrespective of how much you hate me.

I am so done pretending like I don’t like you… (moves closer to

him) I know you like me so much.


What and how do you mean?


(smiles at him)

I saw the look on your face when you cuddled me. I felt really

good and sweet when I was in your arms.. You see that( smiles

and hits him)


(laughs at her)

Women with their imaginations. Don’t be deceived I actually

hugged you because that precisely was the only thing I could do

at that particular moment so as to calm you down. And mind you

am fully aware of how Weak you girls can be. Try working on your

weaknesses. lets go home.

Light fade


Uforo is seen washing her clothes and spreading them on a very

long rope and all of a sudden she hears her aunt and uncle

shouting and quarreling at each other.


I am so happy I slept with him, look at you if not that you

dropped out from school by now we would have been the first

people in this community to go the Abuja.

Look at lazy man, look at yourself, just look at you fool. Do you kno…..


(slaps the wife with his back hand)

Woman, I will kill you in this house, I never knew I got married to

a prostitute like you. A woman who has been luring young girls

into prostituting for money in orde..


(cuts in)

for the two of us to eat, live happily in this house.. Do you know

how many girls I have used for money ritual in order for us to still

be alive ehh. Because of what you did every day my father keeps

demanding for the blood of young you…


(grabs her by the neck)

I did what I did because of you. so woman you will die now..

(Uforo comes and holds him )


Uncle leave aunt alone, what is wrong with you. Uncle let aunt

be,do you want to kill her(she shouts) somebody help! Some

body please help!(runs outside) some body please help me, my

uncle wants to kill my aunt

please come in and help them.please.


You mean Itoro wants to eliminate his wife from this globe?


Yes sir..


Ette U.U why are you still here go in and help them.

( To their surprise, about entering the house, Itoro is seen running

towards them and behind him is his wife chasing him with

pestle.having seen his wife coming, they all started to run to

different places to hide.)


Where is that killer that calls himself my husband.. Where is he?

(to Uforo)

Where is your foolish uncle?


(she slightly panics)

Aunt..hmm aunt.

Could you please drop the pestle. Please

(some young men comes in carrying Mkponnam who is lying

there breathless. )


(wailing )

Eka ufan mmi o..


(on seeing her son, drops the pestle and rushes to him)

What happened to my son?

(calls his name but no response)

Is my son dead?

My son is dead, what  happened to my son o?

( Itoro rushes to his son as people gather watching them)

Itoro: Mkponnam! (taps him) mkponnam!

Please I know you are joking, waky waky(tears encompass his


Do you still remember I told you that I will surely take you to

Abuja..wake up (he yells at him) why are you not responding?

Who did this to my son? (to one of the Young men standing by him)

Who did this to my son?


To be continued……..

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