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Relationships Are Hard But Why?

Are you single and you have been wondering if relationships are hard and if there are hard, why? Are you kind of scared already and with that you are thinking if you can go into any relationship with someone? Well, I tell you this, relationships are hard yes, but then there are some things that we need to put in place with our respective partners and things work out well. But this can only be done when understanding is in the picture. So keep reading.

Relationships were never meant to be simple because if there were meant to be simple then how can there be a saying that “Love is all about sacrifice”? of course no. relationships are meant to be hard so that when you and your partner work hard just for your relationship to work out, you both will value it.

relationships are hard

Things that are not labored for are hardly appreciated or valued so if relationships are to be simple, many people will not know what they have until they lose it.

Therefore after all has been said, for us to know why relationships are hard, we will need to look into the below section.

When do relationships get hard?

When you understand and know when relationships get hard, you will also have an insight into why relationships are hard without having to ask someone anymore. So let’s continue

1 When pride sets in: It is said, “Pride goes before a fall” and this fall includes relationship. Someone who is too proud does not know the value of “I’m SORRY”. They think that they are too perfect to use the word I’m sorry for their partners because they are not at fault. In this, it will take understanding and maturity to still stay.

2 When you move in: one thing about a relationship is that when the two of you are away, the tendency of you two missing each other is high. That is because you are not seeing her and he is not seeing you over a period of time may be days, weeks, months, or even years, etc.

But once you move in with him, you see him all the time, every day, etc. the possibility of getting exhausted is high because, with this, the freedom you used to have before as a single person, flexing, etc. will reduce especially if she or he, is not an outing type.

3 Decision period: when you are in love with the person you are in a relationship with, you don’t randomly make decisions anymore without considering the person you are in a relationship with.

What if you decide now and your partner gets hurt in the process because you didn’t include or think about them before deciding? Things like these make relationships hard that is why I said you need the understanding to make your relationship a little simple for you both.

4 After the first month: One secret about a relationship which I’m not sure everyone will tell you when they are telling you how perfect their relationships are is that in a relationship don’t ever expect your partner to show love at all things to you. Now let me explain that.

As human which we are, changes in our emotion is very common. There will be a time you will feel so emotional that you can promise your partner anything in the world. And there will be a time you will just feel like being on your own and think about your life and many other things.

Don’t worry because this is normal. Love does not keep a relationship happy at all times but understanding does. When your feelings change, it is only understanding and memories that can still keep you in the relationship instead of falling into temptations.

So that first month of the relationship is always very sweet and emotional, but you will need to prepare yourself for whatever that will be coming anytime in the future after the month.

5 Absence of communication: Communication is the gateway in which two hearts exchanges their feelings. The possibility of you questioning your relationship is high when communication stops between the two of you. Relationships are hard when no one wants to have heart-to-heart communication with each other.

There are a lot of times that relationships get hard but then these are the top 5 times. Therefore now that we know when relationships are hard, let’s check the whys.

Relationships are hard but why?

Just as we have mentioned above, relationships are hard when there is no understanding because two individuals come together to build something called love.

2 second reasons take place when the couple thinks that they are too busy to create time for a date night just for the two of them in a nice place or at home.

3 Relationships were never meant to be easy. True love comes with sacrifice and when I say sacrifice I am also talking about compromising. If you love your partner, it is not everything that you will do in your own way. Sometimes, you will just have to communicate about it with your partner.

4 There are hard because no one is perfect nor was born perfect. There is nothing like a perfect woman nor a perfect man. Those couples you are praying to be like, are not perfect.

They fight makeup and then come together again. There is nothing like a perfect couple. It is you who makes your home or relationship to be the way you want it. I guess you can call that perfect. There are a lot of ways you can spice up your relationship so check it out.

5 You will have to adjust when you are in a relationship. No matter how perfect you think you are, there is always something in you or around you that you will have to adjust from if you are considering your partner’s feelings.

For example, if you are the kind of person that does stay out late or enjoy walking out with bad guys or girls and you happen to be in a relationship with someone who is allergic to bad influence people, you will have to adjust. It is either you adjust from the bad company or you drop your relationship.

6 When feelings change. That emotion you are experiencing on the first week and month of being with the person, will not always be constant and when this knowledge is not in place, the relationship is meant to be hard.

When you know that, you will be able to stay happy and build your relationship with your partner.


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