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11 Tools that can spice up intimacy in your relationship


Why intimacy dies in marriages

Intimacy matters in a relationship building…

It is obvious that most times, you will see a  two- three years marriages scattering every year because of one thing or the other and in this kind of situation no one knows who is at fault and with that it results in  wife pointing a finger at the husband and the husband pointing at the wife and they end up blaming one another as if blames can settle a case in a home.

You will also see another home being together for fourth plus something years, some fifty etc still as fresh as when they newly got married.

Now what’s the difference between that, does it mean that the other home is not as rich as this one that’s why their marriage is scattering?

No, is not…

N/B First of all, you got to remember why you got married to the person in the first place, what attracted you to the person etc.

1) Most marriages scattered because of lack of intimacy:

  • Showering Together: when you and your spouse were in courtship, you were not ashamed to

take your bath with him in fact, you enjoyed it because you felt like you and your man were

couples already.


  • Cooking Together: anytime she is in the kitchen you enjoyed hanging around the kitchen even

when match was about to start, you still went there not as if you can cook but just to disturb

her and in the process, she will carry spoon and start chasing you around the kitchen, pursuing

you to leave the kitchen and you two will be laughing and having fun.

  • Laundry: you do laundry together most time if she is busy with other things or she is not w
  • ell,

you helped her with the laundry including washing her undies.  You told her I love you and

don’t worry babe rest today I will do the chores. And she smiled at you and said you are the

best I love you more.

  • Dinner: Even when there was food in the house, you two still decides to eat your dinner outside

not because the food in the house was not well prepared but because you two just wanted to

spend the night together.

  • Dressing: Before you married him, you used to wear trousers, make your hair, dress decent and

look attractive.  Many guys fell on your feet just to get your attention and some just to be your


Your social media was full with admirer and about 1000+ friend requests still piling up waiting for

respond and you felt like a celebrity. He became so jealous that he thinks that if he wastes time from

putting a ring on that finger, he will lose you and he couldn’t bear seeing you in the arms of another man

even without opening up to you.

But what later happen after marriage??

After marriage you started carrying the mind set of what am I looking for again? After all, am not looking

for a husband. with that mindset,

you changed, you no longer wear trousers, making your hair is a problem to you, dress smartly no way.

Instead you start becoming close friend with your wrapper, morning, afternoon and night.

When they see your wrapper, they can see you because one cannot leave the other because of the

bonding. Did he get married to his granny or a young lady?


  • You no longer shower together because you think that he will take an advantage of you in the shower.

But let me ask, during courtship didn’t he still take advantage of you??  Now you are marriage to the

same man you don’t think that there is a need to continue giving him the advantage.

  • while she is busy in the kitchen, you are either busy watching match or pressing your phone in

the living room, you no longer enter the kitchen to keep her company, you no longer play

around the house like kids anymore because of maturity

Note: there is no maturity in marriage.

As long as you want to maintain the intimacy you once

established through these tools, you have to pour even more fuel to it.

One thing about marriages is that during this period, is the time

you two have in straightening your marriage in terms of intimacy.


Stopping will only bring damages to your home making your home unhealthy.

why you should use romantic words


More tools that you need in keeping your home healthy









  • CHECKING ON EACH OTHER maybe through text, videos/voice calls.



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