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Tips On Finding The Right Person

There is one secret you need to know before you start reading this article and that is, before you start finding the right person, you must ensure that you first of all work on yourself.

One thing is sure ” you can not give to someone what you don’t have” so finding the right person is really based on who you are.

Yeah, who you are determine what you got.

So I will ask you “who are you”? Do you even know? Or do you want to know or do you still want to move straight to reading steps on finding the right person?

Whatever your answer is, keep reading, don’t stop.

Here are some few tips you need in finding the right person

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1 CONFIDENT: You cannot do anything in life nor even succeed in finding the right person if you don’t even have self-confidence.

It is a lack of self-confidence that makes a lot of beautiful ladies and men today do much stuff which they wouldn’t have loved to do if they were confident just to find a partner.

Lack of confidence has also caused a lot of people to miss opportunities both in getting a good life partner and also in the financial aspect.

A handsome man walks up to you for a date and you start looking at yourself, counting the things that your beautiful neighbor has on her body that you don’t have, how you were mocked in high school, etc

And you will be like this man must be a flirt, he just wants to get into my pants and off he goes, I can’t date him, he is too cute to date me, etc.

This is how many lose it, lack of confidence makes you a judge over negative things about yourself then why give it chance to decide for you when you can actually control how you reason things.

You don’t have to be very beautiful before a handsome man comes to you for a date, you just have to build that self-confidence that you are a wonderful person in your own small ways. this will help you build self-confidence.

2 YOUR CHARACTER: Okay after building self-confidence and then you happen to succeed by dating the fine man, what next? Does it mean that you have finally stopped finding the right person because you have one already?

Well yes, he may be the right person, but there is something that you need in others to keep your Mr. right and that is where your character comes into play.

Your character helps you in finding the right person and also helps you in keeping the man.

No matter how good something is in your hands, if you don’t value and keep it well, someone will walk up to you and ask you “will you sell it”. To avoid this, work on your character as well.

3 DRESSING: Dressing neat and nice can cover your naked body but it can not cover your character, but your dressing can also keep a man or turn him off likewise to men.

If you are a man, your dressing can actually attract a woman to you but it also determines the kind of lady it attracts, which are, a one-night start lady or a homing type kind of lady.

So dress decent if you are finding the right person if not, sorry one day that man or woman may look outside, not because she is not satisfy with you, but because she saw something that attracted her to another man and like that, the feelings starts developing.

4 BOASTING: Yeah this one thing that turns down a lot of ladies when you ask them out. if you are a boasting type, you can only get a materiality kind of lady and I tell you that is not a step in finding the right person for which you are looking for.

So to have that great woman who booted up your search for finding the right person overnight is by dropping your pride.

Ladies like gentle and caring men. Don’t start feeding her how you won a big contract, how your bank almost freezes your account because of excess money that has been entering your account, etc.

That’s cool but that’s not what she wants to hear on that first date so why not give her what she wants to hear like telling her how beautiful she is, etc.

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5 FOLLOW YOUR HEART: No one can make a life decision for you because it is you that will live with the person at home, not me, not your parents, not even your friends.

So following your heart means that you know what you want and you are ready to go all out for it and even fight for it.

You can’t fight what your heart dislikes, for example, I arrange a man for you now, but you are in love with another person but just avoid making me feel bad, you now decide to go out with the person.

But in the process of preparing for that date, his car broke down and he is like thinking if you guys should cancel the date and fix it for another day. your answer will be “Oh yeah, that’s not a problem we can always do this next time, etc.

That’s because you were not into that person nor the date. so follow your heart when finding the right person.

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6 DON’T SETTLE: you may be wondering why I am using this as the last point for now in this article, but don’t worry, I will tell you my reasons right below.

In the process of finding the right person, some ladies do change what they want and at times they also change their prayer point.

Looking for a good man is not a bad thing but how you search matters. you will see a lady that prayed today and said I need a tall, handsome, muscular guy in my life then 1 year later, you met Mr. A who is handsome and muscular but not tall, you turn him down because he wasn’t tall.

2nd year you meet Mr. B tall handsome but not muscular, you also turn that one down still because he is not muscular but 5-7 years later, you now start hearing “God please just give me a man, any kind of man, tall, muscular, handsome, etc I don’t care.

I just need a man in my life. But remember Mr. A and Mr. B? you lost them because you were still busy finding the right person where you did not keep.

So when finding the right person as a life partner, be careful what you wish for, because you may lose the one God program for you just because you are looking for Mr. Perfect.

Don’t settle with someone that when you look at, you feel irritated and regret just because you just needed a man in your life.


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