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Who cheats most in a relationship


Who cheats most in a relationship?

A lot of things are happening today that even trust is very hard to get from someone that easily unless you prove yourself but in some cases, even if you try proving yourself there will still be doubt. That is why the question of who cheats most in a relationship always pops up.

The truth is that both men and women cheat but if you want to check from the nature aspect then you will realize that overall, men cheat most in a relationship.

Men are polygamous but that does not give them the title to become cheaters.

Before a man cheats on a lady there is always a reason and most times it is always caused by the woman in the picture and the second reason is from his nature.

But how does a woman who is in the picture contribute to the cheating?

When you are with a man, be it a relationship or marriage, one of the things you should learn is the kind of person your man is, what he likes and what he doesn’t like, the kind of friends he keeps company with, etc.

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These few things are very important since it has a role to play between you two so why play with it.

Most times women use their mouths to push their men outside. When all you use to mouth to do or say to him is always negative or abusive, he will be tired and sometimes decides to sit out till the time he is ready to come back and sleep to avoid you.

In this period, if your man is vulnerable at this time, it is possible for another lady to take that advantage and care for his needs and before you know it, he will end up cheating on you.

If he is the kind of man that follows their true nature, then he will not even need any reason to cheat on you because he can not stay with one lady all through his life not possible.

Why do we lie in a relationship?

Lying in a relationship is one of the ways to avoid fights in relationships but then, it is not the best option to use to solve the issue at home or with your partner.

Lies have the power to destroy everything that you have worked for over many years. But sometimes, it is the option to use in a desperate time to save your relationship or home.

You should fix the issue in your relationship now and be free tomorrow than lying now and then by tomorrow when everything comes to light you lose your relationship.

Lies can only save your relationship temporarily but at the end of the day, it can use just a few seconds to scatter that which you value dearly.


What words do liars use?

In a relationship men and women use many words, words that they know that it sounds real and that you will believe without a doubt and some of those words are;

1 Don’t you trust?

2 You have to believe me

3 You know I cannot lie to you

4 You know that I love you to the moon and stars.

5 The fact is

6 I love you more than my life, etc.

A lot of people that cheat uses these words making it hard to differentiate their lies and the truth from whatever they say. These kinds of words they believe that the seed of doubt that was in you is gone or if not completely gone that it reduces.


Sometimes cheating on someone does not mean that they don’t love who they are with. Some cheating comes because there is something they are looking for that cannot be found with their partners so with that, the only way to get it is by cheating on their partner with someone else that they believe he or she has what they are looking for for for at that moment.

In things like this, they act before they think and that is cheating on their partners before thinking of what lies to tell later.

So yes, a woman or a man can cheat and still be in love.

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Lying is an act it is something that we rehearse before we deliver, it is something that we are careful and plan for. But no matter how someone rehearses and comes to lie in a relationship, there must always be a sign. All you have to do is to look and observe instead of stressing yourself out.

But then what are the signs you are being lied to?

1 He repeats the question: Someone who is lying to you or trying to lie to you will be repeating your question before answering. This is not because he didn’t hear nor understand the question, it is because he is planning and thinking of what to answer.

2 His actions: look at his environment, look in the same direction as him, look at what he is doing with his hands and his eyes, etc. Then you will know if he is lying or not.

who cheats most in a relationship

There are people that when they lie they will be sweating while some will be doing one or two using their hands. You just have to discover what your partner is doing that is unusual.

3 They become Talkative: Have you seen someone that you know that does not talk much but one day something happen and he started giving you a long note without you asking them for such an explanation?

If you have, then you understand and know how a liar looks like. Someone who lies to you will tell you stories including things that you didn’t even ask him.

This is them giving you a lot of information without even asking for or reacting.

There are a lot of signs to use and know when someone is lying to you

You just have to observe and then you will discover which one is your partner’s way.

Success in your relationship.

Why does it always seem like only men make mistakes in relationships?

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