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All Need To Know About Negative Parenting Test – Negative Parenting Test Tiktok

Negative Parenting Test


Negative Parenting Test has a long way to play in the life of a child because when a child is born, Parents are the first human interaction a baby will ever experience, And after the child’s toddler stage, the baby learns its language and ways of life either negative or positive from its parent.

Negative parenting has a lot of effects on the life of children, it is okay to tell your child what to do, but most children are likely to follow their parents’ lifestyle then what their parents preach to them. Parents’ lifestyle fast-paced in our present world plays a major role in parenting than what parents say with their mouths. Keep reading this article to learn more about Negative parenting and how to run tests to ensure that you are not parenting your child/children negatively.


What is Negative Parenting?

Negative parenting is a series of bad actions exhibited by parents or children guardians that can negatively and seriously harm a child or children either Physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Note that Negative parenting isn’t concentrated on a single action, but negative parenting is made up of collection of several negative acts that contribute and bring harmful effects on the life of children


In other words, Negative parenting is a parenting style where the parents impact negative behavior to their children by punishing certain behavior towards their children either intentionally or by ignorance. Some of the behaviors that can be traced as a cause of bad parenting include; raising your voice at your children, showing anger unnecessary, handling the children roughly as a means of disciplining them, and lastly practicing some adult stuff (X rated) in front of their children.

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Consequences of Negative Parenting

Negative parenting can cause a lot of damage and harm to children, it also gives children a lot of wrong and negative impressions about life. for example, a girl whose dad is constantly cheating on his wife, the young girl might grow up with the impression that all men are cheaters and should not be trusted. According to a psychotherapist, Dana Dorfman, “consistent use of negative labels such as name-calling deeply impacts a child’s sense of self and contributes to long-standing negative self-narratives and self-fulfilling prophecies.”


These are some common consequences of negative parenting:


1. Aggressive behaviors

2. Low levels of confidence

3. depression

4. Lack of trust and empathy

5. Unnecessary hate

6. Violence and drug abuse

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Children who suffer from bad parenting are likely to face the above-listed consequences. We know that some questions might be running through your heart such as; How Can I prevent Or Control Negative Parenting? If this is your question, the only answer to your question is that you should go for a Negative Parenting Test to first of all check if you are negatively parenting your child and if you are negatively parenting your child several measures will be listed to help you to start training your child positively.

Negative Parenting Test

Negative Parenting Test
See effects of Negative Parenting Test


Negative Parenting Test is a test carried out by professional cancellers on parents to check whether parents are struggling with a common damaging lifestyle that might be of great threat to the life of their children.

Negative Parenting Test Tiktok

What is the “negative parenting test” on TikTok?

Negative parenting test on tiktok is use measures “whether you were struggling with common damaging lifestyle as a result of the way your parents treated you.”

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All participants participating in this test must answer 30 questions that are related to how their parents raised them. The test will automatically determine which negative lifestyle your parent showed you while you were young.


The test question is carried out from six negative categories and the six categories are








Idrlads Negative Parenting Test

The IDRlabs Negative Parenting Test was fully developed by IDRlabs, which was based on the works of Dr. John Philip Louis, Ph.D., Alex M. Wood, Ph.D., and George Lockwood, Ph.D., Altho the name of the individual who authored the testing tool is not associated with any specific researchers in the field of personality psychology, counseling psychology, or any affiliated research institutions.


Idrlads Negative Parenting Test Questions


Below are some of the questions that are likely to come out among the 30 questions Idrlabs will be asking individuals who undergo the test.


Why is The Negative Parenting Test Getting Viral?

The negative parenting test is currently trending online after it went viral on social media. Which was based on the research work of Dr. John Philip Louis. Keeps getting viral because it explains more about parenting and as such more people are hopping into the teats on daily basis.


Why Should You Use The Idr Negative Parenting Test?

Below are some of the major reasons why you should use the Idr Negative Parenting Test


1. Free :

Take note that the IDR Negative Parenting Test is free all you need is a smartphone or a PC so you can easily access the internet to enroll for the test.


2. Statistical controls

3. Clinically oriented


4. Made by professionals :

The IDR Negative Parenting Test is made by professionals and as such it asks intelligent questions and also provides an adequate result.


Take note that parents life style has about 50-60% in determining how their child will turn out to. Please in your daily activities you should always keep things in check so that you don’t impact negative parenting lifestyle on your children.

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