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How many marriages ends in divorce

Divorce statistics


How many marriages ends in divorce, When two individuals meet themselves for the first time their union starts with love, then comes a relationship, and when they both see that they are ready to tie the knot then marriage comes in, with the aim of, happily-ever-after. But, unfortunately, after a few years of marriage, many couples see their once lovely marriage as a nightmare.


Research carried out by some relationship gurus has shown that nearly 20 percent of married couples divorce within the first five years — while 30 percent of couples divorce in their 5 – 10 years of marriage, after several asking of questions and research by divorce Anthony, we have been able to debug the causes of divorce and from our findings, we have seen that the cause of divorce varied and is also complex, but there are several major reasons why some great marriages tend to fall apart. in this article we be sharing with you how many marriages that end in divorce and the major causes of divorce.


What is the number one cause of divorce?

Abuse: The most serious and commonest reason why many couples consider divorce or get a divorce is as a result of persistent patterns of abuse of partners. This abuse can be in a different forms, some might be physical abuse, while other are mental or emotional abuse. However, when one partner constantly abuses the other partner, it places their life in great and corrosive danger and if any form of abuse gets to this point, it becomes a very valid grounds to leave the marriage.

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What are the top 5 causes of divorce?

Aside From abuse which was mentioned above they are also several causes of divorce some of which includes;

The Top 5 Reasons for Divorce

1. Infidelity: Infidelity is one of the reasons why some lovely marriages end in divorce. When one partner starts having an extramarital affair, he or she didn’t only break the marriage vows but breaks the trust in the relationship. And when trust is been broken the marriage is prone to different crises and if not properly handled it might result in divorce because trust is one of the foundations of a serious relationship.


2. Lack of Intimacy : Physical intimacy is very important in every marriage, and when one partner denials the other partner’s access to his or her body he or she creat a loophole in the marriage which usually leads to divorce.


3. Money : In as much as love and physical intimacy are important in a marriage, money is also very important because not all partners in marriages can stand hardship for long. Some partners quit their marriages to find greener pastures somewhere else.


4. Addiction : When one partner suddenly gets addicted to some kind of habit and behavior that is not compatible with his or her spouse, such marriages are prone to divorce especially if the other partner is not patient enough.

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5. Unforgiveness :

Unforgiveness is like a wildfire that is capable of destroying any marriage if not properly taken care of.


What are the top 10 reasons marriages fail?

How many marriages ends in divorce

It has now become a normal thing to see people quitting their marriages without feeling bad about it, after serious research and comparison when have been able to gather enough reasons why some people quit their marriages below are some of the reasons why some marriages fail.

Top 10 Reasons Why Marriages Fail

1. Unhappy s*x life :

This is one of the important reasons why some marriages fail because when one’s partner can no longer satisfy them in bed, they tend to look for pleasure else were which causes marriages to fail.

2. Financially incompatibly :

As mentioned earlier that some partners can’t endure hardship for long, in our present world most marriages fail as a result of lake of adequate finance.

3. Lack of trust :

If couples in a marriage start to lose trust in their partner as a result of some action they might have committed, it becomes hard for for the marriage to survive, just a good building can’t stand without a foundation same applies to a relationship (A healthy relationship can’t stand without trust)

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4. Lack of proper communication :

Communication is one of the threads that hold a marriage and once this thread is been cut, it becomes very difficult for the marriage to survive.

5. Troubles With In-Laws :

Overbearing in-laws are something one of the major reason why most relationships and marriages fail. When the other spouses’ family members bounce too much on their child’s partner, their action might raise an odd feeling in the mind of the partner that he or she I no longer needed in the marriage.


Other reasons why marriages fails include

6. Working overtime with no payoff

7. Molehills become mountains

8. Life gets in the way

9. Lack of trust leads to communication breakdown

10. Lack of Self-Knowledge

How many marriages ends in divorce

According to a series of research we have been able to conclude and here’s the kicker:

Many people believe that this figure of divorce rate is around 50%. but, the actual percentage of marriages that end in divorce in the US is between 40% and 50%. This means that they are a higher chance to stay married than you are to dissolve your marriage. Good news!


After a series of research, we have discovered that the rate of marriage success is high than that of divorce rate so you should not be scared of going into marriage.


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