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How To Deal With A Selfish Boyfriend: 5 Strategies


How To Deal With A Selfish Boyfriend

A selfish boyfriend is a hard situation to deal with. How do you make them pay attention to you and not their own needs all the time? How do you change someone’s behavior if they are too self-centered? There are five strategies on how to deal with a selfish boyfriend that can help any woman deal with her selfish boyfriend and get him back on track so he stops ignoring your needs!

#What is selfishness in a relationship?

Selfishness in a relationship is when one person cares more about themselves than the other, and this can have an adverse effect on both people. It’s important to understand what selfish behavior looks like as well as how it affects you so that you know whether or not your partner might be acting selfishly toward you.

Self-centered partners are often unkind to their significant others, do not care for them properly, refuse to compromise with decisions, ignore feelings of others even if they’re bad ones (e.g., anger), take time away from their relationships without any regard for consequences or reasoning why they need space/time apart.

This means that while your own needs may be met through some behaviors by your partner but theirs aren’t being met, they won’t take care of your needs in return.

– Selflessness is the opposite of selfishness and it’s good for both people involved. For example, an unselfish partner would think about their significant other before themselves when making decisions or doing something that requires sacrifice on either person’s part.

They are compassionate toward others’ feelings even if those emotions are difficult to understand/deal with; compromises aren’t just offered but sought out as well because everyone gets what they want from this type of relationship; time apart is understood without being frowned upon by one person (or expected) which makes for more happiness and less tension.

It takes two people willing to be selfless though, and if you have a selfish partner, it may be hard to change them.

#What are the signs of a selfish man?

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Many women say that the first sign of a selfish man is he won’t make compromises. How can you compromise if one person isn’t willing to do so?

A second sign might be when your partner gets angry and withdraws from the relationship instead of trying to work through it.

A third clue may be in their unwillingness to listen or really understand how you feel about something, even though they claimed they wanted open communication before agreeing with this strategy. This shows up as them not asking more questions after hearing what’s on your mind, minimizing your feelings/opinions by saying “everyone thinks like that,” or making jokes about things that are deeply personal for us all (e.g., infertility).

The fourth hint would be when they stop showing you affection and don’t want to have sex with you anymore. How can someone care for your needs if they won’t even try?

The fifth sign of a selfish partner is that he takes time away from the relationship without any regard for consequences or reasoning why he needs space/time apart, only talking about his problems but not really listening to yours.

How do you deal with a selfish boyfriend?

– Here are the ways that can make your relationship healthier when one person is acting selflessly:

One way to deal with a selfish boyfriend might be by getting him involved in group activities so that he has no choice but to involve himself on occasion.

Another strategy would be setting boundaries- telling him what types of things are okay for him to do (or not) while also trying new things together.

– Be Honest With Yourself & Your Partner

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– Give Them Space If They Need It

– Make A Plan Together To Deal With One Another’s Needs In The Relationship(s) For Now And In The Future

  – Ask How You Can Support Them

– Consider How Your Partner Treats Others In Their Life & If That Is How They Want To Be Treated.

#Can you fix an unhappy relationship?

To fix an unhappy relationship likely means finding out what the underlying problem is and working to improve it. How does one do that though?

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– One thing you can try first: talk with your partner about how they feel towards their behavior and if they are willing to work on changing those things, make a plan together for when these behaviors happen in order to avoid them or have some kind of strategy ready to deal with them effectively.

– Keep an open mind about this (you don’t know how much pent-up frustration he might be feeling) but also set boundaries as needed so that both people get some sort of say in the relationship(s). Communication is key here, not just talking through problems but listening too!

# How do you fix a broken relationship?

If your relationship is broken and you want to fix it, start by talking about it. How do you feel? What are your expectations of the relationship now and in the future? How can we work on this together to make sure that I’m still meeting your needs but also taking care of my own, just like you want me to take care of yours?

– Make A Plan Together To Deal With One Another’s Needs In The Relationship(s) For Now And In The Future

If one person is being selfish (or both), they may need more time apart so they can be selfless again for a while before coming back into the relationship with an unselfish mindset.

This could mean limiting how often or when texts/calls happen; having set periods where people text each other on certain days without being allowed to talk on the phone or seeing one another only for short periods of time at a specific location.


The key thing about dealing with an unselfish partner is understanding compassion, compromise, open communication (even when it’s hard), and being honest both internally AND externally. Communication doesn’t need to include words all the time either.

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