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When To Walk Away From A Sexless Marriage

When To Walk Away From A Sexless Marriage


It might seem unbelievable to think that some couples who are already married are not having sex with each other. However, such marriages exist, and they are called sexless marriages. Before looking at the appropriate time of when to walk away from a sexless marriage let us first look at the vivid meaning of a sexless marriage.


What a sexless marriage

A sexless marriage is a marital union in which little or no sexual activity occurs between the two partners. United States National Health and Social Life Survey in 1992 discovered that 2% of married couples reported no sexual intimacy in the past.


Causes of a sexless marriage

If you noticed that your marriage which was once happy and full of fun all of a sudden became sexless, the following might be some reasons why your marriage is now sexless

1. Misunderstandings :

miss understanding is one of the major reasons why most marriages become sexless. If a couple has any misunderstanding between them, it will be very difficult for them to have any intercourse together


2. Communication Issues :

Lack of communication is another reason why most marriages have become sexless if they are no adequate communication between couples then misunderstanding might come into the marriage which will cause the couple to lose interest in each other, and when couple loses interest in each other it becomes difficult for them to have any sexual relationship.


3. Marriage Issues :

marriage issue is another reason why most marriages have become sexless if a marriage is going through one crisis or the other both couples will have frowned at any sexual advances


Other causes of sexless marriage include

4. You’ve grown bored with each other


5. Hits The Self-Esteem In Marriage

6. Feelings of Isolation

7. Scattered Thoughts About Marriage


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How Long sexless marriages can last?

A sexless marriage can last as long as you can imagine but for others who may not be tolerable, it may last for at least six months to one year.


Effects of a sexless marriage

some major effects of a sexless marriage are

When To Walk Away From A Sexless Marriage

1. Infidelity :

Infidelity is one of the most common and major effects of a sexless marriage, since children are being produced through sexual intercourse, then it became very difficult or impossible for a sexless marriage to produce children.


When to walk away from a sexless marriage

They are no exact time when one can walk away from a sexless marriage you can stay as long as you can tolerate it but below are stages where you can consider leaving a sexless marriage

1. When your partner is not willing to work on the issues :

Problems (issues) in marriages and relationships can easily be solved when both couples identify the issue and are willing to solve them. If you have done all you can do and your partners still refuse to collaborate on improving your sexual life, then this might be the right time to leave a sexless marriage and find joy else were


2. You both have different sexual preferences and drives :

When both of you have a sexual drive that is far from each other than it became difficult to stay in the marriage, for example, if you are the kind of person who has a high sexual drive, but your partner has a very low sexual drive and hate having sex then you can leave the relationship to avoid cheating on your partner


3. When the marriage lacks love :

Some marriages were doing well and full of fun but all of a sudden things turn upside down and one partner suddenly losses interest in the marriage maybe because they are no longer in love with their partner, in such situations it will be very difficult for the other partner to want to have any sexual intercourse with his/her Partner. If your marriage gets to this point the best thing to do is to simply walk away to avoid heartbreak.


How do you know when it’s time to leave a sexless marriage?

4. Your Sexless Marriage Has Led to Infidelity :

Since Rising kids is sometimes one of the major reasons why so many people get married, if your marriage gets to a point where lack of sex has caused the marriage to be infertile we think it is the right time for you to save yourself and leave the marriage.

Other signs are,

5. You Have Other Major Relationship Issues (Like Lack of Love)

6. When your partner becomes fund of Cheating

7. When your partner loves Shifting Priorities

8. Who your partner Constantly funds Criticism



Walking away from a sexless marriage doesn’t mean you are coward it simply means you are saving yourself from any kind of stress and trauma a sexless marriage can cause you. And before walking away from a sexless

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