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The Rejected boy felix gallardo chapter 1


The story of a boy felix gallardo

Once upon a time in a faraway village, they lived a boy of about 17years by name Felix Gallardo.

Felix was hardworking, tall and handsome, his mother died immediately after his

birth and he lived with his father. Mr. Gallardo was an asthmatic patient but the problem was that, he never told anyone including Felix.

So one day Felix left the house to the farm by the time he returned, he saw his father lying lifeless in the hut and he shouted and called for help.

Due to the mysterious dead, his father’s relatives decided to consult the gods of the land and in the process the boy was held responsible for the death of his parent.

Few days later after the burial of his father, he was isolated, life became hard for

him, kids, friends, uncles, aunties everybody spit on him mere sighting him.

He became an object of mockery and a topic in the mouth of everybody in the village.

He was later sent out from school. Weeks later, he saw he was dying of hunger so he decided to leave the village to anywhere the spirit will lead.


His journey took him to another kingdom called umoba village. In umoba village, Felix slept in an uncompleted building every morning he will wake up and move to the market to hustle, luckily to him, he started doing small minor job like carrying

goods for the people on his head just to make a living.

One faithful day, he went to the stream to take his bath after returning from the

market, he met some guys and kids around his age chatting, they were talking

about wheel barrow business like his own, so as he heard the topic, he went

closer to them so they accepted him into the team but the rule was that, they will

borrow him a wheel then he will be paying #500 every week until he completed

the payment which he accepted.

Felix started using the wheel to hustle more, at times he will carry goods from

people store to supply to the customers, Felix started making it little by little, he started saving money few months later, he rented a one room to lay his head, he was happy because when there is life, there is hope.

One day as Felix was returning to the market from where he went to supply goods, he saw a woman standing closer to a car, so he greeting her and passed, but when he passed he observed that something wasn’t right then he decided to

turn back to where the woman was standing and asked her what the problem was and why she was standing alone in that kind of lonely road which was dangerous for a lady like her.

The woman told him that her car broke down on her way back from the market, since Felix had no idea on cars, he decided to assist the woman with her goods to a nearby street where she can find a cap that will take her home.

The woman was so grateful that she decided to offer him money but he rejected it and told her not to worry, from there, the woman now said okay since you don’t want the money at least let me know your name and he said my name is Felix Gallardo ma and the woman said Felix Gallardo? okay thank you Mr. Felix Gallardo I really appreciate then he departed.

One year later Felix was 18years, he was planning on going back to school to finish his SSCE so he went to the market trying to negotiate with his customers that he will be coming in the afternoon and evening since he was starting school.

some agreed but some, where not okay with it, some said he was going to slow

their business, with the responds he got from many of them got him confused

and depressed but he all wanted was to go back to school so he left.

On his way out from one of his customer’s shop, he mistakenly hit a woman immediately he notices that, he went straight on his kneel to apologized to the woman but the guards threaten to beat him up but the woman stopped them.

And said to him,” stand up my son”, immediately he stood up, the woman recognized him and said to him” you are the boy that helped me that day that my car broke down

along the market road.” He said yes ma, good morning ma, the woman smile and

asked him how he was doing? He answered and said he was fine so the woman

invited him to her daughter’s birthday Felix accepted the invitation and later in

the evening, Felix decided to put on his very best cloth and shoes and left for the

party by reaching the venue he was surprise to see that the birthday venue was in

a palace so he was shy because he never entered such a place before. Five

minutes later, he decided to walk in, by the time he reach there, he was given a

seat at the back because his dressing already showed that he was a commoner.

When the guard who went to the market with the woman saw him, he decided to

inform the madam about his present. When the woman was informed, she was

happy that he came.

Few minutes later she came out to welcome her guests and Felix was one of her

guest that she welcomed. And later took Felix into the inner house and introduce

him to the king saying “Honey this is Felix….. felix gallardo the young man who assisted me that

day my car broke down” Felix was surprise to discover that the woman was a

queen, so he kneel and greeted the king and the king was pleased to see him.

The king decided to meet with him and have a word when the party was over.

Immediately the princess came in and said mother, father, how do I look? Then

the father responded my baby, you look like a princess and she responded

immediately and say to the father, that’s because I am a princess. (they all

laughed together). She was 15years old, dark, tall and beautiful. So Felix greeted

her and she greeted back in return then the king introduced them. Then the

princess smile at him and said Hi Felix am princess Nora, thanks for assisting my

mum the day she needed assistance I really appreciate. And Felix replied

and said you are welcome my princess. (they both smile at each other and parted ways)


Chapter 2 coming soon………

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