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Signs He Deeply Loves You, 10 Noticable signs to tell that he deeply loves you

Sings a guy is in love with you


Signs he deeply loves you – Sometimes when dating certain guys you might often be wondering if the guy is really serious about you. The truth is that some men are just not so good at expressing their feelings and emotions, which makes it difficult for most ladies to understand their feelings While sometimes you might stumble upon guys who show you that they care about you but in reality, they don’t give a damn about you. So with these two examples how can a lady tell if the guy is deeply in love with you? Don’t worry in this article we will show you some important signs that will help you to know that a guy is deeply in love with you.


He might not express his love verbally, but he must show signs that he is in love with you.

 Signs He Deeply Loves You

1. He listens to you attentively :

One of the most noticeable signs to tell that a man deeply loves you is that he always gives you his intention whenever you speak, he is always interested in what so ever you want to say in a conversation, and he is interested to hear your views on each matter.


2. He makes sure you’re comfortable :

This is another wonderful sign that tells you that boy deeply loves you, he might not have enough money to spend on you but certain actions will show that he deeply loves you such as he might offer you his jacket, so you don’t get cold. He’ll bring you blankets or switch seats with you this is because he is truly in love with you.

3. He tries to please you :

Another way to know that a guy deeply loves you is that he tried all he can to always please you sometimes he even does things out of his wish just to make you happy.

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4. He keeps his promises :

Sings he deeply loves you
Signs he deeply loves you

One of the signs that a man deeply loves you is that he will always keep the promises he made to you. A man who deeply loves you will always keep his promises. Yes, he might forget some little promises but not the big ones that truly matter to you.

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5. He respects your opinion :

Another sign that a man loves you is that he will learn to respect your decision even when you guys have different opinions, he tried to follow your own decisions

6. He wants more intimacy :

When a guy truly loves you he will never want to miss the chance to be with you, crack jocks or hug you. If he loves you, he will feel a constant need to always be around you.

7. He Is Honest To You :

When a guy truly loves you he finds it difficult to hide anything from you. He will try his possible best to share everything with you, even the most embarrassing stuff, like being broke, missing someone, etc. He even tells you what he ate last, there are no secrets.

8. He lets you win :

This is another sign to tell you that a guy truly loves you, At times when you both play games together he might intentionally allow you to win him so that you can be happy because he finds joy in your happiness.

9. He is proud of you :

When a guy loves you he becomes proud of you and all your achievements including your small wins

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10. He encourages you :

Lastly, whenever a guy loves you he encourages you to achieve your goals and also to become a better person. He does all these things not because you are just a normal friend to him but because he deeply loves you.


 2 Signs a man deeply loves you 

1. He knows your favorite food

2. He checks to see if you are smiling


 5 Signs he loves you deeply body language Signs

1. His shoulders lean towards you :

Research has shown that a man in love tends to lean his shoulders towards the person he deeply loves. because this is one of the indications of adoration.

2. He hugs you :

signs you're falling in love
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This is a common sign among all men they will usually hug you when he meets you. And he does it for longer than you expect and doesn’t want to let his arms off your body.

3. He doesn’t take his eyes off you :

This is the easiest way to know if a man deeply loves, if he is deeply in love with you he hardly takes his eyes off you, because of the feelings he has towards you.

4. He might appear shy sometimes :

Another body sign to tell that a guy deeply loves you is that sometimes he might become shy especially when you both are all alone.

5. He steals your words :

When a man starts having deep feelings for you, not only will he love to be with you but he will also start using almost the same words or phrases you use.



By Now you must have seen certain signs that tell you a guy deeply loves you, please take note that some guys are really shy and they hardly express their feelings to you. but if you want to know if a guy loves you, you can study him closely and if you can find one or two attributes which we have listed in him that means he truly loves you.

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