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Casual Dating Vs Serious Dating


Casual Dating Vs Serious Dating, Basically a relationship is usually a term in two basic stages which are the casual stage and the serious stage. The casual stage starts from the moment you both agree to become friends at this stage you enjoy each other company and love to be around each other, but you both are not even sure if you are dating or not. While in the serious dating stage you both are very much into each other, and in some cases, you might be even engaged to each other

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It is very good for you to know the difference between casual dating and serious dating but it is very much important that the particular stage in your relationship is currently standing. In this article, we will be explaining the difference between casual and serious dating and some of the signs to identify the present stage of your relationship.


What Is Casual Dating 

Casual dating is a type of relationship between two individuals who are mutually connected, there go on dates, and spend a lot of time together but lack commitment and possibly a lack of interest in establishing a serious, meaningful relationship.


Is Casual Dating Considered Dating?

After knowing the meaning of casual dating I know some of you will be wondering if casual dating can be considered “Dating” if that is your thought we want you to know that casual dating is 50% consider dating since it involves mutual feelings of individuals from a different gender.


How Long Does Casual Dating Last?

Normally casual dating is supposed to last for a month or two because by now both of you already know each other very well and have fully considered the point of whether to enter into a serious relationship or not. However they are no specific time a casual dating is expected to last, the relationship can remain Casual forever, until when both individual decide to go into a serious relationship. 


Casual Dating Vs Serious Dating

What Is Serious Dating 

Serious dating unlike casual dating is a relationship that involves two persons who are committed to each other, they have feelings for each other and also love each other and because of this, they don’t see anyone else, And they both hope that one day they will take their relationship to the next level (marriage). 


Note that a casual dating or serious dating is the same thing as a casual or serious relationship


What Defines A Serious Relationship As Serious?

One of the major things that define a serious relationship as serious is commitment, being committed to your relationship is what makes it serious and commitment is one of the key factors that differentiate a Casual relationship from a Serious relationship.


Signs To Determine If Your Relationship Is casual or serious?

We know that sometimes you might be confused about the current state of your relationship especially if you no longer understand the present behavior of your partner below are some signs to help you understand if your relationship is casual dating or serious dating.


 Signs Of Casual Dating 

1. Lack Of Commitment : 

This is one of the major signs of casual dating, in casual dating, they usually a lack of commitment from one side because both parents don’t take the relationship seriously.


2. They refer to each other as friends: 

In casual dating, both partners a don’t know where stand in the relationship time they referred to their self as partners both most of the time they referred to their self as friends


3. They don’t include each other in their social media posts : 

In a casual relationship, they hardly mention each other’s names on their various social media handle because they don’t know their relationship stands and they prefer to keep it personal.


4. They don’t remember important details about you : 

Normally if someone is in love with you he or she will always try to remember certain important information about you such as your birthday date, your day of graduation date, etc

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Signs Of Serious Dating 

1. Lot Of Commitment : 

One of the major signs of serious dating is commitment, unlike casual dating, where they are lack of commitment in a serious relationship commitment is always present.


2. You Spend Significant Time Together :

One of the very first signs of a serious relationship is that both partners will also love to spend time with each other, unlike casual dating where both partners might not see themselves frequently.


3. Partners embrace each other’s family members as their own : 

Serious dating partners, don’t only associate with each other they also associate with each other family members.


Other Signs Of Seriously Dating 

4. Partners plan for the future together

5. Partners share their passwords and pins with each other 

6. Partners put each other opinions in mind before making decisions 



 Casual Dating Vs Serious Dating 

a. Casual Dating lack commitment

  . Serious Dating involves a lot of commitment 


b. Parents and families are not always involved in a Casual Dating

  . Parents and families are fully involved in a Serious Dating 


c. Partners in Casual Dating hardly make feature plans together 

  . Partners in Serious Dating make feature plans together



In the aspect of casual vs serious relationship, a serious relationship will always win because a serious relationship is focused on building a long term relationship that might lead to marriage but the main focus of casual dating is just to enjoy some fun for that moment so if you are in any casual relationship pick up the boldness and tell your partner how much you love him /her and tell him/her that you now want a serious relationship.

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