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How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away


Challenges are bound to erupt and surface while in a relationship as there’s no union that comes close to perfection out there. When in a relationship that doesn’t quite seems to be satisfying to you, it is best advisable to call it a quit, which would ultimately bring the relationship to an end. The reason why this article would be to provide you with facts or answers to How does a man feel when a woman walks away.


Break up can have an emotional turmoil in a man as he struggles to recover from such an emotional setback. Thoughts about living a life of regret as well as considering changes in attitudes and personalities are one out of a thousand thoughts that might be going through his mind.


In this part of the man, every decision of his is made out of desperation to find a preferable solution to the problem on the ground. Love in movies might actually be a fairy tale but in reality, it isn’t as it isn’t an easy ride knowing full well it comes with its own ups and downs.



Undoubtedly, every lady one way or the other is obliged to walk out of any relationship of theirs once the union isn’t working According to their taste leaving the man in a more miserable state than he was at first.

Though men happen to be masculine in nature, they could be fragile in heart as well as they tend to show emotion’s when the frustration gets at them. Hence they tend to exhibit some sort of attitude when that happens.

However, there are some other attitudes to be portrayed by the man, below are a few


Being let down by someone you once share a love affair with can be catastrophic on its own as it tends to take a swipe on your mental health most especially when you get to be replaced by yet another man.

Men though are generally known to have some level of pride as they command a certain level of respect. But when the relationship comes to a halt and the lady in question moves on with her life. The story of the man changes as it changes from a man with a strong mindset to that a week one.

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The moment a lady departs and leaves the life of a man, that very moment the man begins to relish the importance of her companion. That feeling alone is detrimental to his emotions as he might develop the feeling of regret as a result of that.

The special moments shared from the kisses to the highs, from the cuddles to intimate moments are all that he would be deprived of. The reason is that once he starts relishing the memories of those moments shared in time past, he might start having the feeling of loneliness.


Feeling of guilt is another feeling a man might experience when he is left behind by the lady he loves. This case scenario mostly presents itself in instances when the man is the one to be faulted for the relationship coming to a halt.

Once a man is in a relationship, there’s a possibility that he couldn’t be blind to the fact that he has been erring for so long to the displeasure and disgust of his partner. So if you happen to find yourself in such a situation as this, worry no more as it is a normal feeling to experiment


Men generally are known not to give up, and neither are they known to back out of challenges as they are programmed to act that way. The moment a lady leaves a guy, that very moment the guy starts making advances towards getting and taking her back.

Though he might have put a whole lot of effort to prevent you from leaving the relationship, such efforts of his would-be doubled the moment you leave as he would put every effort possible to get you back perhaps he might win your heart one more time. things to expect are him working on each and every deficiency that contributed to the downfall of the union in times past.

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Someone who is just recovering from the emotional trauma of a broken relationship might find it quite difficult to embark on the journey and adventure of yet another love affair.

The fear of the unknown might give him over a thousand reasons not to get himself entangled in any love affair again as the case may be. Truth be told, someone who sincerely and genuinely loves you in the very first instance would find it difficult to move on after the breakup, perhaps he might also be afraid of finding himself in a much more situation should he have another experience of heartbreak.

When a man gets weighed down by the challenges and difficulties of life and frustration comes in, definitely, depression is bound to surface in his life of that man. And this mostly happens in a case scenario where the man is obsessed with the lady and considers her part and parcel of his Life.

There’s a void left in the life of the man which does give him a hard time comprehending thoughts he starts having thoughts of him not having anything to live for again.

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The man in question who was left heartbroken might have chosen to make bygone remain bygone having accepted his fate and moved on with his life. Moving on here in question could mean him choosing to remain single or deciding of taking up the Adventure of kick-starting a new love affair with a new partner.

The man is certain to follow the trend of regrouping himself, picking up the already shattered pieces in the relationship, and Carrying on a new adventure.

Why walking away from a man is powerful

Breaking up in a relationship is not as new in society as today but the problem is that most of the breaks up are always initiated by the man and then before you know it, he will move on with another girl that ends up making the lady feel broken.

so if you want to know why it is powerful for a woman walking away from a man is more powerful instead the other way round is because it means that your life, your achievements in life, and your dreams can still be fulfilled with or without him in your life.

It means that the woman is strong and not weak even if the walking away hurts but she is not ready to show it to the man. so what if she is hurt? life must continue instead of going through a hard time throughout her life because of a man.

It also means that she is self-independent and not cheap just because she wants to be in a relationship then she will still put on with all the trauma she has been experiencing in the man’s hand.

In conclusion, Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and nothing should stop a man from living it to the feeling. After experiencing heartbreak, you shouldn’t be quick to jump into a new adventure and relationship as you need to be mindful of the choices you make.

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